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Burns Baldwin "Double Six", 1967 - ex-TISM!

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With a reputation as the most player-friendly of all the vintage 12-strings, the Burns Baldwin 'Double Six' has a lovely wide neck that really does make playing a breeze. Many people find Rickenbacker and Fender necks just that bit too narrow to get around comfortably, but Burns nailed it perfectly with the Double Six. The neck width at the nut is 1-7/8", (47mm), and 2-1/8", (53mm), at the 12th fret. 


Elvis, Mark Knofler, TISM

This very fine Double Six comes to us from the personal collection of Sean Kelly, original guitarist with the legendary TISM, and is from the period when Jim Burns, (right), was also building his guitars for US distribution by the Baldwin company, thus the Baldwin name on the scratchplate, (shown in pic # 1), and Burns on the famous Tri-Sonic pickups, (pic # 8). Sean Kelly isn't the only well known musician to appreciate the playability of the Double Six - you can see from the photos that it's had some fairly serious fans over the years – Elvis Presley, (whose Double Six is on permanent display at Graceland), Mark Knopfler, (see pic # 3), John Jorgenson of the Hellecasters, Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand and many more. 



Condition is Excellent to Excellent+, (graded down only slightly for the changed volume knob – see pic # 8). The fabulous Greenburst finish is all original, with some of the cool vertical lacquer cracking common to the thick finishes of UK and European guitars of the day. Typical light scuffs and marks, but no buckle-rash or worming on the back. 


Maple / Sycamore / Rosewood

The combination of the Maple neck and solid one-piece Sycamore body give the guitar some serious weight, (10lb 8oz / 4.75kg), all of which translates to glorious 12-string chime. The Tri-Sonic pickups are crisp and clear, the electronics all work perfectly, the frets are near perfect, as is the lovely Rosewood board… this guitar needs absolutely nothing doing to it – open up the case, plug in and you're good to go! 


Original case

Speaking of the case, it's the original yellow-felt-lined hard case, and though there's areas of black gaffer tape in places, it's structurally intact, with all latches and hinges working. 


Celebrity owned / Free shipping

At only $2450 this is another great celebrity owned instrument from Just Guitars – where all our instruments include FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia 


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Original UK Burns Baldwin 'Double Six', 1967. Jim Burns

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Price: AUD $2,450.00
GST Included