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Danelectro Double-Neck – 6/12-string

Price: AUD $1,485.00
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The first double-neck Danelectro model was a guitar and bass combination, appearing way back in 1959. Our highly desirable example for sale here is one of the original, good quality Danelectro reissues, (made in Korea, NOT China), from 2004.


What a package!

The color is Dano’s rare “Blackburst”, the scratchplates are both clear acrylic, the nuts on both necks are the exclusive Danelectro aluminium originals. The 12-string bridge is both top-loading and string-thru, and is fully adjustable and intonatable. Tuners are top quality Gotoh, and the entire body is edged in the traditional Dano tape binding. Medium frets, inlaid pearl dot markers, traditional Dano top-hat volume/tone controls, 3-way pickup se1ector switch, plus separate neck se1ector switch. Wow, what a package!


Clapton, Hendrix, Page...

On the 6-string side, the famous lipstick pickups and aluminium nut deliver that trademark Dano sound, loved by garage bands and famous names alike, since the first Danelectro models appeared back in the fifties. (Famous Dano players include Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Nels Cline of Wilco, Mick Jagger and many, many more) The 12-string side is fantastic, too – the lipstick pickups delivering a sound as good as anything you’ve ever played, or heard! The tone control takes you everywhere from a crisp, clean jangle, to warm and mellow through the bridge pickup, and meatier, rockier tones through the neck. You can play anything from Byrds-style sixties folk/pop, to Tom Petty rock and even semi-classical numbers. Setup on both necks is spot-on, with awesome low action for hour-after-hour of effortless playing.


Some real heft

Although the body is quite a manageable size, (it looks bigger in the photos), these are not light guitars, the two necks adding some real heft, tipping our digital guitar scales at 10lb 12oz/4.85kg. We will include a free set of strap-locks, so you can replace the standard strap buttons, should you so choose.


Coke bottle headstocks

Please note that these first Danelectro reissues all featured the famous “coke bottle” headstocks of the mid-fifties originals. Due to threatened legal action, these no longer feature on any of the Dano reissues.


A-league players

The last one of these we had through we converted the 6-string side to the classic Dano electric sitar sound, but we’ve decided to leave this one as-is, so you can join some of the A-league Dano double-neck names, such as Rick Derringer and Stevie Ray Vaughan.


FREE courier delivery

Complete with its original, rare-as-hens-teeth, Danelectro tweed gig bag, (see pic # 8), this brilliant guitar will be courier delivered FREE to any address in Australia. ($100 shipping to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)


Stock No. 8730

One of the good ones - before production shifted to China

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $1,485.00
GST Included