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Eko "Ranger VI" - rare acoustic-electric model

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Introduced in 1965 as the J-54, two years later Eko changed this model's name to the Ranger VI, under which moniker it went on to become part of the biggest selling European guitar series of all time. With their incredibly robust construction, Rangers came to be known as "the busker's friend" – their rock-solid construction will withstand just about anything. 


Led Zeppelin III

Many UK and European artists relied on the Italian-built Eko guitars throughout the sixties and seventies, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page being one of the best known names, owning both Ranger six and twelve string models. (Click on pic # 5, above, to see a rare 1969 studio shot of Page with his Ranger VI, recording 'Tangerine', for 1970's Led Zeppelin III


Easy adjustment

A key element of the Ranger success story was the Eko decision to fit the guitars with bolt-on necks, thereby eliminating any future need for expensive neck resets, as well as making for easy adjustment of the action. 


Full size jumbo body

This circa 1970 Ranger VI Electra features a full size jumbo body, "tapered to project total sound, with a deep, rich, resonant voice." (From the original Eko catalogue description) Lovely low action, pinned adjustable bridge, fast-playing neck, fully purfled body, and Eko's Double TT-Bar reinforced neck with adjustable truss-rod all contribute to one exceptionally fine instrument. 


Spruce / Mahogany / Italian lacquer

The Ranger VI's body is a high-gloss finished, dark Spruce top, on an all Mahogany body. The finish shows several of the typical lacquer cracks in that famously thick Italian lacquer. A beautiful 5-piece Mahogany and European Maple neck is topped with a genuine Brazilian Rosewood board. The neck has a wider, flat-C profile, with a fretboard width of 47mm at the 1st fret, 53mm at the 12th, and a nut width of 1?". The Rosewood bridge shows the typical, non-critical, split that most of these guitars developed early in their life, through the pin area. Probably a concession to electric players, these later Electra models came standard with a 21-fret board, (plus the highly desirable zero fret). 


The busker's friend!

The pickups fitted to the Ranger VI and XII models transfer full acoustic tone, while remaining virtually feedback free – truly the busker's friend! And while we have had many Ranger models through as custom orders over the years, this is the first of the acoustic-electrics we've ever seen, outside an Eko catalogue. 


true all-rounder

A great player with perfect action, the Ranger VI Electra has a fine acoustic sound, and an even finer plugged in sound. Until very recently it had been owned and used extensively by a Chicago session player since the mid-eighties, and is all original with possible exception of the tone and volume knobs. A top acoustic-electric machine, just as adept at folk and country as it is at jazz and blues – a true all-rounder. 


90% of the sound - 20% of the price

It's said that, compared to a top-of-the-line Gibson, Martin, Taylor or Guild, a Ranger delivers 90% of the sound for under 20% of the price. And that's what makes the Eko Ranger one of the best value vintage guitars on the market! 


Free courier delivery

Your Ranger VI Electra ships in a non-original, though period correct, hard shell case. And, as with all Just Guitars instruments, shipping is free - through our friends at FastWay couriers - to any address in Australia 


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Eko Ranger VI Electro, vintage acoustic-electric. Made in Italy, circa 1970

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $1,150.00
GST Included