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Fender Stratocaster - ’68 Reverse Special

Price: AUD $3,750.00
GST Included

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Not just a little bit rare – completely and totally rare!


Voodoo Strat

Fender suspended sales of the Voodoo Stratocaster in 1999, following objections from the Hendrix estate, but in 2001 the exact same model reappeared, minus the laser-engraved Hendrix neckplate. A Voodoo Strat with a regular Corona neckplate. The estate objected again(!) and sales were once again halted. However, regardless of which version*, and which year, these models all have 1997 serial numbers, carried over from the original run.


That real Hendrix tone

If you want the real Jimi sound, this is the guitar you need. Flipped pickups and reverse neck - the bass strings are the long ones on these - so you get that real Hendrix tone.


Vintage style

Alder body; one-piece Maple neck; Maple board, (9½” radius); medium-jumbo frets; period correct Fender/Schaller vintage F-logo tuners; vintage-style Alnico single-coil pickups with reverse-staggered pole-pieces, (reverse-angle bridge pickup); original 5-wat selector switch. But wait, there’s more…



Large sixties headstock, with correct Fender “transition” logo; original Fender black Tolex hard shell case; original case candy, including premium Fender strap. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this premium Fender package! (Did we mention just how rare these guitars are?)



Your (Jimi Hendrix) ’68 Reverse Special is in Excellent+ condition. Some playwear on the scratchplate and a scattering of very light scratches on the rear plastic is all the guitar has to show for its fifteen years since leaving the Fender factory in California. The board and frets are like new!


Free courier delivery

Hendrix. Strat. Original case. Original everything. Listen to our soundfile - buy the guitar! FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia, (or $100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries).



*NOTE: This is NOT the current production, Hendrix estate endorsed, Mexican built Hendrix Strat!




Weight: 7lb 10oz / 3.47kg



Stock No. 8881

Fender Stratocaster - ’68 Reverse Special (Voodoo Strat, Mk II)

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $3,750.00
GST Included