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Fender Stratocaster - hardtail model, 1980. Olympic White

Price: AUD $4,780.00
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Well into its fourth decade, you don’t find many vintage instruments as clean as this fantastic Olympic White hardtail Strat. Owned and played from new by a Nashville session musician, this is probably the cleanest 37 year old Stratocaster you’ll ever come across, outside the Fender museum.



In super nice condition, with the scratchplate pretty much the only area you’ll find any real signs of playwear, the neck and the board look like it left the factory just last week!


Illegally low action

Currently set up with almost illegally low action, she plays fast and mean, all up and down the one-piece Maple neck & board, which boasts a great rounded-C profile, that’s very slightly more timber in the hand than today’s skinnier modern-C.


Pure Fender tone

Speaking of timber, despite not having the mass of a tremolo system, she still manages to tip the guitar scales at a shade over 9lb 3oz, thanks to the solid Ash body, so not a lightweight – or “weight reduced”, or “weight relieved” in any way – just pure Fender tone, all funneled into that hardtail bridge. You see some hardtails around with a top-loading bridge, but Fender built these as proper string-thru models, so that the full resonance of the Ash body is captured.


Stays in tune perfectly

Another benefit of the hardtail bridge for the player, is more stable tuning – with no tremolo system to go out of whack, the guitar stays in tune perfectly. All the time.


Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, Nile Rodgers

Ronnie Wood, Robert Cray, Tom DeLonge, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, Nile Rodgers, Billy Corgan, Keith Urban, Sting… a really diverse bunch of players, and all fans of the hardtail Strat – or, as some have been known to call it, a (Nashville) Tele in Strat configuration.


Very, very few

Fender produced a handful of hardtail Stratocasters during the fifties, (particularly 1958), then almost none at all in the sixties, but did a reasonable number during the seventies. Since then, very, very few – and outside of Custom Shop and signature models, the company has indicated that they probably won’t be produced again in the foreseeable future.


Original hard shell case

Across the vintage years, Black was the most common color for a hardtail, followed by Natural, then Sunburst. You could probably count the total number ever produced in Olympic White on two hands – with fingers left over! So, a rare hardtail model and a rare color. Add in the amazing condition and the original hard shell case and this guitar might as well have WIN stamped all over it in big, red letters!


Decades more playing

Begun in the last weeks of 1979 and completed early in 1980, this gorgeous Vintage White hardtail is a truly awesome axe, in 100% all original condition, and with just some very light playwear on the frets you can pretend it’s 12 months old and know that it has whole decades more playing ahead of it.


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Weight: 9lb 3½oz / 4.2kg







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Fender Stratocaster - hardtail model, 1980. Olympic White

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $4,780.00
GST Included