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Fender Telecaster Thinline, 1973

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This might just be the best sounding vintage Thinline Tele we've had in the door. From one of Fender's great production years, this'un has the tone, the feel, the playability... plus that highly desirable little something extra & indefinable, that elevates a regular guitar to a whole other level.


Superb condition!

Our consignment customer has owned the guitar since the early nineties, when he bought it from the original owner, a friend of his father. Having had only two owners across its 46 years, the guitar is in superb condition!


Swamp Ash

With a neck date of December 1972 and pots from the ninth week of '73, (late Feb/early March), this fabulous Thinline retains its original Natural Swamp Ash finish, (the body is stamped NATURAL inside), with very little wear for almost fifty years. Slight scratchplate shrinkage and a few little nibbles around the headstock is pretty much it for wear and tear. The solder joints are untouched.


Seth Lover

First appearing in 1969, from the drawing board of former Gibson and Rickenbacker designer, Roger Rossmeisl, the Thinline underwent a revised pickup design in 1972, the twin 'Wide Range' humbuckers - designed by the legendary Seth Lover - still say Telecaster, but have that extra humbucker punch when you need it. It didn't take long for the revamped model to be acknowledged as one of Fender's most versatile instruments. (A note from Fender history tells us that a Thinline Tele was the first ever instrument produced by the Fender Custom Shop, back in 1987. It was a Seafoam Green model, custom built for Cars guitarist, Elliot Easton) NOTE: Unless the guitar sells beforehand, our soundfile will be recorded shortly.



As with all Just Guitars instruments, this killer vintage Telecaster Thinline - complete with original 1973 F-tuners restored and its original Fender hard shell case - comes with FREE COURIER DELIVERY included to any address in Australia




Weight: 6lb 9-1/2oz / 2.99kg


Stock No. 8980

Price: AUD $4,800.00
GST Included