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Gibson ES-330, 1964. Cherry

Price: AUD $8,600.00
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You can pay almost $6k for a Custom Shop reissue, but this is the real deal – a killer 1964 ES-330, with so many super-cool sounds at your command, that you could record an entire album with just the one axe! Listen to our soundfile and hear just some of the incredible versatility that’s practically busting out of this great piece of Gibson history.


'Midnight At The Oasis'

Speaking of history, since first appearing in 1959, a whole raft of famous players have used the ES-330: blues legends BB King and Slim Harpo; famous jazz names, such as Wes Montgomery, Grant Green and Emily Remler; and in the realm of rock music, such luminaries as JJ Cale, Mark Knopfler, Brian Jones, William Reed of the Jesus & Mary Chain, Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers, Arlen Roth, Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre, Andy Summers of the Police, and Amos Garrett, who has recorded with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Emmylou Harris, and is perhaps most famous for his marvelously tasty playing on the Maria Muldaur classic ‘Midnight At The Oasis’.


P-90 pickups

Featuring a fully hollow, all Maple body, one-piece Mahogany neck and a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, the ES-330 is powered by a set of ballsy P-90 pickups, giving it a distinct tonal advantage over the guitar it’s often (unwisely) compared to, the humbucker-powered ES-335. The lack of a centre-block also makes a big difference to the sound of the 330 – the fully hollow body capturing resonances that the 335 completely misses out on.



The features of the 1964 model ES-330 makes it one of the vintage guitar world’s more desirable instruments, with nickel hardware, ABR-1 wire retainer bridge, single-line Kluson Deluxe tuners, 5-ply pickguard, and pearl block inlays, (blocks had replaced the earlier dot inlays the previous year).


Sleek and fast

Also highly desirable is the wider nut, of 111/16”, only available from 1964 until mid-1965, after which Gibson adopted the ’59 Les Paul neck profile, with a narrower nut width. The neck itself is almost enigmatic – it looks to have a distinctly more rounded profile than how it feels in your hand, which is incredibly comfortable, sleek and fast. Well done Gibson’s old Kalamazoo craftsmen!


Cherry nitro

Finished in Cherry nitro, which aside from just a couple of small touch-ups, is in fabulous condition, the guitar is in 100% original condition, right down to its Australian-made Stamford* hard case, (see pic # 8). The felt in the case has worn at the neck support, rubbing the finish from the neck on either side. We have sealed the finish at both spots to arrest further wear. As shown in pic # 6, fret and board wear is considerably less than what you might expect on a guitar that has been played for over fifty years.


Incredibly easy playing

An incredibly easy playing, fantastic sounding guitar, our 1964 ES-335 will add dimensions to your music that you have previously only dreamt of. And, at only a smidge over 6lb, you’ll have no trouble at all using it for an entire gig. As with all Just Guitars instruments, FREE COURIER DELIVERY is included to any address in Australia.



(Please note that due to the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, this instrument can not be shipped internationally)




*Back in the day, it was incredibly expensive to ship guitars and their cases from the US to Australia, so all the big name companies would send just the guitars, leaving the distributors to have cases made locally. This system also helped avoid the crippling 60% import tax! The all original Australian case here was made for the Gibson importers by Stamford & Sons of Sydney




Weight: 6lb 2oz / 2.73kg



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Gibson ES-330, 1964. Cherry

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $8,600.00
GST Included