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Gretsch White Falcon. Mint-

Price: AUD $6,200.00
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It is a thing of rare glory when one of the big guitar names reissues one of their famous models – and does it so incredibly well that players and reviewers alike line up to get their hands on one. The Gretsch 59 ‘Vintage Select’ incarnation of the famous White Falcon is one of those guitars.


Guitar Of The Future!

First shown off at the NAMM industry trade show of July, 1954, purely as an example of what the company’s acclaimed luthiers were capable of, Gretsch called it The Guitar Of The Future! The White Falcon was so well received at the NAMM show that Gretsch had no choice but to put it into production, with the first instruments arriving in stores the following year – as the most expensive model in the entire Gretsch catalogue.


Gold sparkle

With its big 17” Maple body – arched front and back – fully bound in gold sparkle, (originally courtesy of the company’s drumkit production line), the White Falcon stood out from just about everything else on the market. Or stage. Over the years some great names have been associated with the White Falcon: in the fifties, jazz guitarist Mary Osborne; in the sixties, Roy Orbison; Steve Marriott of the Small Faces; then myriad big names from the seventies onwards, including Stephen Stills and Neil Young, Jack White, John Frusciante, Malcolm Young, Brian Setzer, Don Felder of the Eagles, James Hetfield, Joe Strummer, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, Marco Pirroni, (Bow Wow Wow / Adam & The Ants), and Chris Cheney of the Living End.


TV Jones

One of the sexiest, most luxurious guitars in the entire guitar universe! This is the no-expense-spared '59 Vintage Select’ model - with Bigsby and TV Jones FilterTrons. The combination of the arched, laminated Maple body and interior trestle braces, cloned straight off the legendary 1959 model, gives the guitar an acoustic spring, that nothing else can match! With the unbelievably dynamic sounding FilterTrons fed through Gretsch’s own specially developed ‘Squeezebox’ paper-in-oil capacitors, for the most astonishing, velvety smooth highs, it’s no surprise whatsoever that the big names all come calling.


Nitro lacquer

Other outstanding White Falcon features included the famous ‘Space Control’ bridge, the genuine Bigsby B6, a bone nut, Ebony board, (with a near flat, 12” radius), medium-jumbo frets… oh, and nitro lacquer finish and all gold-plated hardware.


Master Tone Switch

On the tech side, as well as regular 3-way switching and tone/volume controls, the Falcon’s additional 3-way Master Tone Switch tosses high frequency roll-off and pickups “wide open” into the mix. This is truly a guitar designed from the ground up, to do it all!


Free courier delivery

Note that this is not the cheaper ‘Players Edition’ model, or the GTR version, but the full-on, no-expense-spared, 59 ‘Vintage Select’ White Falcon, complete with deluxe hardshell case and paperwork, and bonus tooled leather Gretsch strap. Guitar and case are both in Mint- condition and price includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia



Weight: 8lb 6oz / 3.78kg




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Gretsch 59 ‘Vintage Select’  White Falcon

Price: AUD $6,200.00
GST Included