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Hofner bass, Model 184, circa 1974

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The model 184 bass was produced by Hofner from 1974 to 1980, and appointments here indicate that this unit was probably built quite early in the production run, most likely during 1974 or early '75. Clearly basing the looks on Fender's world-conquering Jazz and Precision basses, the 184 falls stylistically somewhere between the two, while also retaining and updating certain aspects of Hofner's own 182 and 185 models, both of which had been in production since the early sixties, but were now beginning to look somewhat dated. 


European musicality

Although very Fender-like in appearance, tone-wise the 184 has a bit less of the pervasive American bottom end thunk and slightly more in the European way of bass musicality. Along with the 30" scale and Fender-style body, it plays more like a 4-string guitar than most basses – also making it an ideal as a guitarist's occasional bass – and fits more easily into the mix than do a lot of bottom-heavy instruments. 



We were informed that this bass has had two previous owners, the first a player from Chicago, who gigged with it extensively. For the past few years it has been in the hands of a session muso from Portland, Oregon. The body shows moderate playwear from its original owner, along with several of the typical lacquer cracks found in sixties and seventies European guitars. The cracks are very common in the generously thick lacquer used by Hofner, Eko and other European manufacturers of the period. They are generally of no concern, but the second owner had his luthier invest some workshop time stabilizing them all, so you should never need to give them a second thought – they are all completely rock solid. 



First class features include a bound neck with a really nice Rosewood board, (looks Brazilian); offset-style combo bridge/tailpiece, with roller-saddles; original Hofner "TV" knobs; original electronics; bar-magnet pickup in the neck position, staple style pickup at the bridge. (The bridge pickup is a recent Hofner replacement. The original is in the case, should you decide to have it rewound). 


Perfect action & intonation / new strings

Direct from a quick spit-and-polish in the Just Guitars workshop, this fab Hofner 184 bass is all ready to go – frets are great, the action is perfect, intonation is spot-on, and it's just been restrung with a new set of Ernie Ball custom Slinky Silhouettes. This great, vintage Hofner bass will even arrive at your door in its original Hofner hard shell case, (see pics # 2 and 5) 


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Hofner vintage bass, model 184, circa 1974. Made in Germany

Price: AUD $1,085.00
GST Included