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National Grand Console steel, 1949 - all original

Price: AUD $1,850.00
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In the world of vintage steel guitars, National has it over everything else out there! And this National 'Grand Console' model, (from only the second year of production), is one of the best-looking, killer-sounding steels you're ever going to find. First appearing in 1947, the Grand Console was the National model that Fender "borrowed" from, in designing their Stringmaster steels, introduced in 1953. 


Wonderful condition!

This unbelievably fine twin 8-string model is in simply wonderful condition – for over 60 years old, we're calling it Excellent+ condition. The Perspex, ("Lucite") board overlays are in almost Mint condition – other than a couple of fine cracks at screw-points, (see pic # 2). The colored totem-pole markers are just as bright and shiny today as when the instrument left the factory in Chicago in 1949. The pickups – with individual screw adjustable pole-pieces – are bright and punchy, again, no doubt just as they left the factory. In all, this is an astonishing, all original find, that's going to make an impressive addition to your collection. 


Bass, Mellow and Brilliant

There were originally two versions of the Grand Console – this, the model 1051, with an elevated outside neck, and the model 1050, with both necks somewhat more awkwardly placed at the same level. Similar to a normal guitar's pickup selector switch, the Grand Console features a "silent bank switch", giving you the choice of one neck or the other, or both at the same time, and National's then exclusive "touch control" providing three tone options, of Bass, Mellow and Brilliant. 



In keeping with being National's top-of-the-range model, the Grand Console features the nice touch of carved wooden headstock cover-plates, (pic # 6). On later models the wooden covers were changed to plastic. The clear Perspex/Lucite pickup covers, (pic # 4), also changed on later models, becoming opaque white plastic, while the non-slip "sueded" back, (pic # 7), disappeared altogether. 


Original hard shell case

Just fitted with a new set of D'Addario strings, and a brand new screw-on "amphenol" connector lead, (pic # 5), your all original National Grand Console is set for another sixty years of great music, and will even arrive at your door - FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia - in its original National hard shell case, (pic # 3), with all latches and hinges in perfect working order!  


Stock No. 8487

National Grand Console lap-steel, 1949. Neko Case in background

Price: AUD $1,850.00
GST Included