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National Reso-Phonic, Model D - SQUARE NECK!

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"The Mississipi Delta,
Was shining like a National guitar…"

     Paul Simon, 'Graceland'




Truly, ain't nothin' like a National guitar! And this is one of the finest we've ever had through. Custom ordered back in 2002 by a well known Melbourne player and collector, it has remained in unplayed condition since he took delivery of it in early 2003. Now over ten years old and still in absolute BRAND NEW condition! 


Styled on the famous Dobro Model 45

A stunning recreation of a thirties vintage resonator, (most closely the famous Dobro Model 45), right down to the finest details, this instrument will absolutely change your life, with the best, most twanging-est, most authentic slide tone you've ever dreamt of – thanks to the unique spider cone and bridge arrangement – plus real punch for fingerstyle playing, courtesy of the sound-well and laminated interior rim. 
When it appeared in 2000, the Model D was National Reso-Phonic's first spider bridge, wood body guitar, and now that the company has shifted production of all spider cone models to their Smith & Young brand name, there will be no more Model Ds with the National name on the headstock. 

Spruce top - custom ordered

Standard production was either all Walnut or Walnut with a Maple top, but in keeping with the Spruce tops of the 1930s originals, this Model D was custom ordered with a beautiful fine-grained Spruce top, (see pic # 6), producing one of the liveliest, best sounding, biggest projecting resonators we've ever heard! (This is aided by the forward facing cone's multiple contact points – with both the body and bridge – for a dramatically louder sound than conventional spider bridge resonators) 


Walnut and Ebony

Fully hand built by National Resophonics' dedicated craftsmen in San Luis Obispo, California, the Model D features Walnut back and sides, Walnut neck, hand-spun 10½" National spider cone, lined (fretless) Ebony Board, Ebony bridge, bone slide nut and Schaller tuners. The body is bound front and back, and the neck is also bound, further enhancing the stellar looks of this magnificent instrument. A nice little extra is that the guitar boasts a very low serial number. 


Great value & free courier delivery

With a RRP price in excess of $4000 in Australia, (for a standard Model D), this custom ordered Spruce top beauty is incredible Just Guitars value at only $2875! Your beautiful new National Model D ships in its original hard shell case, freshly fitted with a new set of Red Brand 'Bluegrass' strings and includes FREE SHIPPING to any address in Australia. 


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National Reso-Phonic guitar, Model D, square neck.  Original hard shell case

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Price: AUD $2,875.00
GST Included