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New Restrictions on Rosewood


Alongside the previously existing restrictions on the trade of Brazilian Rosewood, please note that new restrictions on ALL Rosewood species, (plus 3 Bubinga species), came into effect on January 2nd, 2017.



These crippling new restrictions unfortunately affect EVERY guitar containing ANY amount of Rosewood, (primarily fingerboards and bridges on both acoustic and electric guitars & basses, plus acoustic guitar bodies and headstock facings, however some older vintage instruments may also have Rosewood nuts or tuner buttons.



While it is still possible to ship some instruments internationally, required paperwork processing may cause a shipping delay of anything up to 40 days.



Additionally, musicians travelling internationally will be required to have documentation for EVERY instrument with Rosewood components, or run the very real risk of losing their instruments at international borders.



Call it beurocracy run amok, but the new regulations are very real and will unfortunately have a profound and lasting impact on the music industry worldwide – especially the buying and selling of new, used and vintage guitars.