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Pedulla Rapture 5-string custom bass, 1996

Price: AUD $3,190.00
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Pedulla build some of the world’s most coveted and critically acclaimed high-end basses. Once you’ve experienced their magical mix of low-end wallop and top-end detail you’ll kick yourself for ever having played anything else. Every instrument is 100% hand built in the USA, by Michael Pedulla himself, at the Pedulla facility in Rockland, Massachusetts, with attention to both sonic and aesthetic detail that just doesn’t happen with other, mass produced instruments. As a Pedulla slogan so rightly puts it, “Be a better bass player – play a better bass.”


Classic bass tone

The Rapture model is built to provide a classic bass tone… just with a lot more of everything! More smoothness and space in the mids; more detail in the highs; more, (lots more), dynamics in the lows. The Rapture’s singing high-end is guaranteed to cut through even the most crowded mix.


Bartolini pickups and electronics

During construction, Michael Pedulla acoustically hand tunes every instrument before adding the electronics – at the heart of which are world famous Bartolini pickups, that allow you to tailor your sound your way. “Bartolini pickups and electronics were chosen for their integrity and ability to bring out the natural sound of the instrument,” says Mike Pedulla. “In designing the electronics and control set-ups, the aim was to keep them as simple as possible while providing an optimum number of useful bass sounds.”


Famous Pedulla players

Used and ‘rapturously’ enjoyed by the likes of Gene Simmons of KISS, Nils Lofgren, Bobby McFerrin, Mark Egan, (Sting, Pat Metheny) and David Hungate, (Toto, Chet Atkins), you can see the wide range of musical styles that Pedulla covers with ease. Here’s more: Chris Wolstenholme of Muse; David Buda, (Aaron Neville, Vince Gill); Timothy B Schmidt of the Eagles; Michael Dempsey, (The Cure); Chuck Rainey, (Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan); Tim Landers, (Tori Amos, Beyonce, Lee Ritenour); Leon Wilkeson, (Lynyrd Skynyrd); Jennifer Condos, (Joe Henry, Over The Rhine, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen), Doug Johns, (Victor Wooten, Buddy Miles). Fantasizing that he was in the company of such bass luminaries as these, after he had finished recording the Rapture 5 soundfile, our bass guy was very reluctant to part with it!


PLEASE NOTE: The extreme low end captured in our soundfile may be too much for some computer speakers.



Constructed with an eastern American Maple body, a hard rock Maple neck, (with dual-action truss rod with dual stiffening bars), and spectacular, full 34” scale, 12” radiused Rosewood board, there’s also a bone nut and hand-machined barrel brass bridge.


Total control of your sound

Providing the Rapture’s earthquake rumble is a specially tailored active electronics package, based around the custom Bartolini soapbar pickup, (specially made to Pedulla specifications), run through a master volume control, with separate bass and treble controls, each with +/- 15db boost/cut and centre detent positions. There is also a mid-cut switch, which pushes the Rapture’s gut-wrenching sub-bass into a whole new realm. Along with pinpoint clarity in the upper reaches, and a real vintage punch that is a trademark Pedulla quality not found elsewhere, the whole electronics package puts you in total control of your sound.


A seriously upper-pro-level bass

At almost US$4000 without the custom options below, this is a seriously upper-pro-level bass, which we have managed to price at less than an American Deluxe Jazz or P-Bass! In Near Mint condition, our Rapture 5 is finished in custom-ordered Metallic Magenta – very cool, very eye-catching. Also custom-ordered were the uber-stylish, very upmarket volume and tone knobs, (see pic # 7), the likes of which we have not encountered before.


Near Mint condition

As mentioned, the Rapture 5 is in Near Mint condition, with virtually no sign of having ever been played. It comes in an equally pristine SKB hard shell case, and, as with all Just Guitars instruments, SHIPS FREE to any address in Australia. ($100 shipping to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries).



Weight: 9lb 2oz / 4.15kg
Neck width at the nut: 48mm
Neck width at 12th fret: 63mm
Neck width at 22nd fret: 69mm
String spacing at the bridge: 17.5mm (string centre to centre)



Stock No. 8774

STUNNING Rapture 5-string bass

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $3,190.00
GST Included