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PRS Custom 24, "85 Tribute" - number 12 of only 12 made!

Price: AUD $5,875.00
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Here's an incredibly special PRS offering from Just Guitars – one of only twelve Custom 24s, exactingly recreated to the spec's of the original 1985 model, right down to the famous Sweet Switch! 


25 years

One night back in 2010, Paul Reed Smith and one of his top Private Stock dealers were having dinner together, when his friend came up with a proposal: It was 25 years since the first Custom 24 model, they should do an exact, limited edition recreation of that 1985 model, using Paul's private Timber Library woods, vintage parts, limited colors and the top-of-the-line Private Stock paisley cases. Thus was born the Ltd '85 Tribute


Timber Library

Soon they were back at the private Timber Library, carefully selecting fine, one-piece African Mahogany backs, to match the originals as closely as possible. Same with the 'Artist Grade' Curly Maple tops and premium figured Mahogany necks – nothing but the very best with every piece of hand-se1ected timber. (Pic # 2 shows Paul personally selecting the neck blanks for the twelve Ltd '85 Tribute guitars. Pic # 7 shows the astonishing 3D depth in the neck's Mahogany flame). 


All 1985 features

Other features replicated from 1985 include the original, smaller '85 neck heel, Regular neck carve and abalone "old bird" inlays on a 10" radius Honduran Rosewood fingerboard. Nickel hardware, including the original PRS blade Tremolo, old-style "winged" locking tuners, double black-bobbin 59/09 pickups, 5-way rotary selector switch, plus the previously mentioned 'sweet switch'. (The vintage wire 59/09 pickups are the only concession to modern PRS design improvements, replacing the Standard Treble & Standard Bass units of the original. 59/09s are fatter and warmer, and run through the sweet switch give you 10 positions of highly useable tone). 



This stunning guitar is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Only twelve were built, all in faded poly-acrylic finishes, intended to resemble their quarter of a century old forebears. 6 guitars were lovingly finished in faded Vintage Yellow, 5 in faded Whale Blue and 1 – just one, this one – in faded Teal! The back is finished in an incredibly vibrant Emerald Green, which shows the Mahogany to perfection. 


Hand-signed by Paul Reed Smith

Each instrument was personally signed by Paul Reed Smith – twice. In his trademark gold pen, Paul hand-signed both the front of the headstock and the control cavity cover, (signatures shown in pic # 6). The gold pen signature on the headstock was done between color and clear-coat stages in the PRS paint shop, so is fully lacquer protected. On the back of the headstock, (pic # 8), Paul inscribed the Ltd '85 Tribute designation, along with each guitar's number in the twelve instrument series: 1/12 to 6/12 for the faded Vintage Yellows; 7/12 to 11/12 for the faded Whale Blues; and 12/12 for our magnificent – one only – Faded Teal. 


Unplayed - 100% MINT

Unplayed, only removed from its original PRS Private Stock paisley case to be photographed, the Ltd '85 Tribute is in 100% MINT condition – beyond amazing, eminently collectible and the only one in existence. Please don't ask how we are able to offer this investment grade piece of PRS history at such an amazingly low price. (Any sort of realistic price would be well in excess of $8000) 



At just $5875 our price cannot be discounted and we are unable to accept offers or trades on this exceptional guitar. However, please note, that as with all of our instruments, FREE COURIER DELIVERY is included to any address in Australia 


Stock No. 8602

PRS, Paul Reed Smith, Limited Edition, '85 Tribute. One of only 12 built!

Price: AUD $5,875.00
GST Included