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Roy Rogers "Singing Cowboys" guitar, 1950s

Price: AUD $720.00
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Oh boy, it's a Roy! 


Amazingly fine condition

As Australia's number one source for premium quality, vintage "Singing Cowboy" guitars, here at Just Guitars we always make a point on our American buying trips of tracking down the very best examples we can find, then offering them to our customers here at the lowest possible prices. This awesome, mid to late fifties Roy Rogers model, which we found in Georgetown, Washington, is in amazingly fine condition – one of the best condition examples we've ever run across. Aside from a few tiny knocks and dings – mainly around the top edge "binding" of the ¾-size, all Birch body – the guitar looked almost new when we saw it hanging on the wall. 


Sears department stores

Built by Harmony for Sears Department stores, sometime between 1954 and 1958, the guitar is 100% original, with the stencil artwork in immaculate condition. (The following link will take you to a brief history of guitars – scroll about four-fifths of the way down, and you will come to a fascinating section titled "Cowboy Serenaders." LINK) Ebonized board, pinless bridge, thinline brass frets, dot inlays, wooden endpin and nut – all in great condition and ready to play, with perfect, medium-low action. The neck boasts a rounded V-profile, but not the infamous "baseball bat" style – this is much smaller and really comfortable in the hand. 


All Birch construction

Tall ladder braces help provide the much larger than expected sound from this superb piece of guitar history, from an age when quality and value for money really counted in American instrument making. While obviously not a dreadnought, the bottom end is still respectable, with nicely balanced mids and shimmering highs, thanks to the all Birch construction. It ships in an old, non-original chipboard case. 


You will absolutely treasure your Roy Rogers guitar and never want to be parted from it. 


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Roy Rogers 'Singing Cowboys' vintage acoustic guitar, 1950s. STUNNING condition

Price: AUD $720.00
GST Included