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Supertone ‘Singing Cowboys’ – very rare 1941 model

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Just Guitars is Australia's number one source for premium quality, vintage ‘Singing Cowboys’ guitars. We always make a point on our American buying trips of tracking down the very best examples we can find, then offering them to our customers here at the lowest possible prices.


Cowboy Serenaders

The various Singing Cowboy guitars were vital in keeping the guitar from disappearing into history. The following link will take you to a brief history of guitars, published in Vintage Guitar magazine – scroll about four-fifths of the way down, and you will come to a fascinating section, beginning at the "Cowboy Serenaders" heading. LINK


Sears department stores

Built by Harmony in Chicago, for marketing through the Sears catalogue and department store network, under the store’s original Supertone brand, (later becoming Silvertone), this is the ¾ size model, which was introduced towards the end of 1941. The final design would lose a second guitar-playing cowboy on the left of the scene, to suit the smaller body size, along with a seated listener, at the far right – however, our model here still includes the seated cowboy, while the chap tending the fire on the left has some silhouetting around his hat, left over from the body of the guitar of the deleted playing cowboy. Only a very small number of instruments were produced featuring this transitional design.



Thinline brass frets, red dot position markers, stamped trapeze tailpiece, wooden nut – all in great condition and ready to play, with nice, medium-low action. The neck boasts a decent V-profile – not quite the infamous "baseball bat" style, but smaller and very comfortable in the hand. Of particular note on this early design are the gunmetal finish, (black on later models), and the lovely speckled fingerboard, representing the stars in the cowboy’s night sky.


All Hickory construction

Tall ladder braces help provide the much larger than expected sound from this superb piece of guitar history, from an age when quality and value for money really counted in American instrument making. While obviously not a dreadnought, the projection, thanks to those tall braces, is quite amazing. The bottom end is highly respectable, along with nicely balanced mids and shimmering highs, thanks to the all Hickory construction.


Free courier delivery

Prices for these remarkable little pieces of guitar history have really started creeping up over the past couple of years, so grab this one while we’re still managing to keep them affordable. It ships in a standard-size, late fifties/early sixties chipboard case, (see pic # 8), and includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address within Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International shipping is added at checkout)




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Supertone ‘Singing Cowboys’ – very rare 1941 model

Price: AUD $1,120.00
GST Included