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Zemaitis Talbo, hollow aluminium body, BRAND NEW!

Price: AUD $3,325.00
GST Included


Under an exclusive deal between Tokai and the Zemaitis family in the UK, each of these stunning Zemaitis models is built entirely by hand, at a secluded facility in Japan. (These are not the earlier models made by Greco) Based on Tokai's own original Talbo model, the guitar has been given the unmistakeable Zemaitis treatment, resulting in one of the most striking guitars available anywhere in the world, from the semi-polished, lacquered aluminium body, to the authentic Zemaitis metal plate headstock logos. 


Surprisingly light

The Talbo's tulip-shaped body is hollow cast aluminium, entirely filled with high-density acoustic foam to prevent unwanted soundwave coloration. Surprisingly light weight, at just 8.5lb/3.9kg the Talbo is only slightly heavier than the average Strat. 


Ebony board / DiMarzio pickups

The hard-rock Maple neck features a highly playable, soft U-shape profile, and is topped by a 22-fret Ebony board with pearl dot, diamond and square inlays! The pickups are by DiMarzio; two FS-1 single-coils, and a DP103 PAF humbucker – this is an absolutely killer combination! 


Hardware & Controls

The bridge & tremolo system is by Trevor Wilkinson, tuners are Schallers, and the controls are a volume, tone and 5-way pickup selector switch. 


Unbelievably unique tone

Of course. with the amazing build quality and all top-flight appointments, the guitar can't help but sound absolutely fabulous, but a total surprise to us was the unbelievably unique tone it generated when we just happened to play a little slide on it. Completely casual, no slide adjustment at all, and it comprehensively blew us away - you've never heard slide tone like it, ever before! 


Brand new

The impossibly rare Zemaitis Talbo is brand new, direct from the factory, and ships FREE, ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA, in its original black-lined hard shell case


Stock No. 8393

Zemaitis 'Talbo' - fully hollow aluminium body. Only one in Australia!

Price: AUD $3,325.00
GST Included