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  • They don't make 'em like this any more!
    Aud $2,300.00

    Herman Carlson Levin ''swan-neck'' lute, 1914

    Brilliant Swedish craftsmanship from the turn of the twentieth century. Even Sting plays a lute!

  • So sleek... so smooth... so sexy
    Aud $2,850.00

    Taylor T5-S1, 2005 - Near Mint

    Is it an acoustic guitar? Is it an electric guitar? Is it an acoustic-electric? The multiple award-winning Taylor T5 is one brilliant guitar that is all three!

  • Martin DM Mahogany acoustic left hand handed lefty original case
    Aud $1,725.00

    Martin DM Mahogany acoustic - LEFTY

    This bangs out that famous Martin sound like you just won't believe. BOOM!! And it's a LEFTY! Check out the solid Sitka Spruce top - one of the most finely-grained pieces of Spruce we've ever seen!

  • Eko Ranger VI Electro, vintage acoustic-electric. Made in Italy, circa 1970
    Aud $1,150.00

    Eko "Ranger VI" - rare acoustic-electric model

    Made in Italy, circa 1970. Known as "the busker's friend", for its solid build quality & reliability. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page owned one! (Rare shot of Jimmy inside, recording 'Tangerine' on his Eko)

  • Oahu vintage Hawaiian slide guitar. Square neck model, 1945
    Aud $830.00

    Oahu square neck Hawaiian, 1945

    Oahu vintage Hawaiian slide guitar, square neck model, 1945 - possibly a Model 50K Deluxe. Good condition Oahu branded Hawaiian instruments become more desirable with every passing year.

  • Wards 'Singing Cowboys' guitar, 1939, 'The Plainsman', Gary Cooper
    Aud $1,040.00

    Wards "The Plainsman" singing cowboys guitar, 1939

    The Plainsman got its name from the 1936 Gary Cooper/Jean Arthur western, produced by the legendary Cecil B De Mille. Built by Richter of Chicago for Montgomery Ward catalogue & department store chain...

  • Harmony Archtone vintage archtop acoustic guitar, 1964. Made in USA
    Aud $1,075.00

    Harmony Archtone archtop, 1964

    Harmony Archtone vintage archtop, 1964. Great sixties model, based on thirties art deco styling. Part of Harmony's prestigious 'Auditorium Series' - from the golden days of American guitar building.

  • Roy Rogers 'Singing Cowboys' vintage acoustic guitar, 1950s. STUNNING condition
    Aud $720.00

    Roy Rogers "Singing Cowboys" guitar, 1950s

    Roy Rogers "Singing Cowboys", 1950s. All birch construction. Amazingly fine condition – one of the best condition examples we've ever run across. And sounds as good as it looks!

Customer Feedback

A big thank you to JUST GUITARS for sponsoring the Open Stage at Port Fairy. Just making the stage available for us aspiring muso's would be enough, but how you give away a vintage guitar for the weekend's best performance is massive! We didn't win this time, but we're pretty stoked with an honourable mention, and we'll be back next year for another crack at winning.
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