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  • Fender Jazz Bass, '74 American Vintage
    Aud $2,250.00

    Fender Jazz Bass, '74 AVRI


  • Fender Musicmaster Bass, 1973
    Aud $2,450.00

    Fender Musicmaster Bass, 1973

    The last two or three years has seen a big increase in demand for Fender's vintage Musicmaster and Mustang basses. Some serious upgrades makes this Musicmaster model a funk machine par excellence!

  • Fender Jazz Bass, Sunset Orange Transparent over premium Ash. 2005
    Aud $2,175.00

    Fender Jazz Bass, Sunset Orange Transparent over premium Ash

    Like a California beach sunset, this now discontinued color option makes for one of the most striking basses you will ever encounter. Dazzling looks, plus classic Fender bottom end.

  • STUNNING Rapture 5-string bass
    Aud $3,190.00

    Pedulla Rapture 5-string custom bass, 1996

    Welcome to bass depths you’ve probably never dared to imagine! Welcome to bottom end so astonishingly low your pets will probably leave home. Welcome to Pedulla…

  • Hofner vintage bass, model 184, circa 1974. Made in Germany
    Aud $1,085.00

    Hofner bass, Model 184, circa 1974

    Made in Germany. Famous German construction, from the most famous of German instrument makers. American looks, but cool, 70s European sounds. Lovely Rosewood fingerboard - looks Brazilian!

  • Prototype P/J Bass from one of America's top pro builders, Mike Lipe
    Aud $2,350.00

    Mike Lipe prototype P/J Bass

    Killer, hand built bass from one of America's top pro builders, Mike Lipe, the original LA "Guitar Doctor" to the stars. Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai - all Mike Lipe players

  • Fender Jazz Bass, 1973
    Aud $4,600.00

    Fender Jazz Bass, 1973

    A fantastic seventies Jazz Bass, in the highly desirable Walnut finish. Fender's prime era for killer bass sound!

  • 1979 Rickenbacker 4005 Bass
    Aud $10,000.00

    Rickenbacker 4005 Bass, 1979 – Near Mint

    One of the most desirable and sought-after vintage basses in the world – and almost completely unheard of in such astonishingly fine condition!

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thank you so much, i am just in love with my new guitar i got from yall... awsome,great people and service... you have made somebody in texas very happy.
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