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  • Gretsch 59 ‘Vintage Select’  White Falcon
    Aud $6,200.00

    Gretsch White Falcon. Mint-

    One of the sexiest, most luxurious guitars in the entire guitar universe! This is the no-expense-spared '59 Vintage Select’ model, with Bigsby and TV Jones pickups

  • Aud $8,300.00

    Rick Turner ‘Model One’ – NEAR MINT, 2017

    The guitar that Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham has made famous. These come onto the used market extremely infrequently, so grab this one while you can

  • Aud $0.00

    Coming Soon

    Cool things that will be appearing soon. Guitar demand is WAY up, so get in touch if there’s something you’re interested in. Just arrived - a fabulous Gretsch White Falcon!

  • Musicman, Music Man, Stingray II, Sting Ray II, vintage guitar, 1977, seventies, Natural
    Aud $2,200.00

    Music Man Stingray II, 1977

    Music Man "Stingray II", 1977. Amazing condition, and features an equally amazing internal mod, with the addition of an original Boss OD-1 overdrive. Imagine the fun to be had with this axe!

  • Fender MOTO Strat
    Aud $2,300.00

    Fender Stratocaster - dealer exclusive MOTO Strat, 2002

    This iteration of the famous MOTO Strat was done exclusively for a now-defunct chain of music stores in the US northeast. 60 in MOTO Red, 60 in MOTO Blue

  • Burns / Baldwin 'Jazz Split' /  'Split Sound' - circa 1966
    Aud $1,875.00

    Burns / Baldwin 'Jazz Split' / 'Split Sound' - circa 1966

    Burns - the best British built guitars of the sixties, (marketed in the US by Baldwin), really scored big with their Jazz models. And, just like Fender's Jazzmaster, these weren't jazz guitars, either...

  • Fender Stratocaster, American Standard – LEFTY
    Aud $2,175.00

    Fender Stratocaster, American Standard – LEFTY

    While we could easily stock more lefties than we do, it’s the same as with all the instruments we carry – we’re only interested in the very best, so here’s a killer lefty Strat that’ll blow you away

  • Ibanez BOB WEIR Professional, 1976
    Aud $2,550.00

    Ibanez BOB WEIR Professional, 1976

    The Bob Weir Professional - Ibanez Model 2680 - top-of-the-range seventies perfection

Customer Feedback

Just opened the box, first chance I have had at work. Mate I am absolutely wrapped. You were right the pictures didn't do it justice on the computer. It's very cool... I am glad I made the purchase and again thanks for your generosity and professional service, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.
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