Fernandes Native Pro - Sustainer model

Fernandes Native Pro - Sustainer model

It’s almost impossible to find one of these truly awesome guitars – not just in Australia, but anywhere in the world – they simply don’t come onto the used market, at all. Once you own your own Native, you’ll understand why.

Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo, Steve Vai, Natalie Maines, (Dixie Chicks), Robert Fripp, (King Crimson), Adrian Belew, (King Crimson), Steve Lukather, Danny Lohner, (Nine Inch Nails) – these are just some of the high-profile players who wouldn’t dream of fronting up to a gig without their Fernandes Native in their guitar rack.

The incredible Sustainer system gives you controllable sustain or feedback that will ring as long as you want – at any volume, and without decay! Push button on the middle volume knob switches between fundamental pitch sustain and harmonics sustain. The third knob adjusts the Sustainer intensity.

With classic (Jazzmaster-like) styling, fabulous build quality, and factory upgraded to the interchangeable Fender vintage tremolo bridge for extra tone and depth, (the full-size tone block makes a world of difference), the Native is one of the best value pro instruments ever built.

Finished in classy Charcoal Metallic over an all Alder body, the Native has a solid C-shape Maple neck with matching Black headstock, plus the Fernandes locking neck-bolt system that gives one of the best neck/pocket fits in the business – dead straight and locked tight – these guitars were made to be played! Hardware and electronics include volume, tone and Sustainer intensity controls, original whammy, plus a super-silent bridge humbucker and neck Sustainer “driver”. (Both pickups are fully active, with the Sustainer pickup coupled to a fully adjustable onboard circuit. A 9v battery powers both the pickups and the Sustainer system)

The guitar looks almost new, with just some very light play wear. It sounds fantastic, has just been fully set up, (including a new set of Ernie Ball “Super Slinky” strings), and ships in a padded USA Case gig bag

Price: AUD$980.00 GST Included