Fender Showmaster - Limited Edition ‘Celtic Strat'

Fender Showmaster - Limited Edition ‘Celtic Strat'

Fender’s Showmaster series were limited edition runs of half a dozen models back in 2003, and included the Esquire Custom Scorpion, the oh-so-cool So-Cal Strat and the svelte and sexy Celtic Strat. As part of the elite Showmaster range, all were set neck models, and all featured superb build quality and components.

The hardtail Celtic Strat came loaded with the (seriously) high output Atomic II humbucker, which saw the guitars undeservedly develop a reputation as metal guitars, but they’re far more versatile than that, and with their stunning good looks and super-smooth playability are starting to be seen in video clips across all different styles of music. The Atomic II humbucker came out of the design room at Fender’s Corona plant in California, and there are suggestions that it may have been modeled on the Seymour Duncan ‘Pearly Gates’, with a prominently smooth mid-range that’s beautifully clean at low volume but can be pushed to the previously mentioned metal realm with ease. Matched to a 500k volume pot, the output impedance measures 15.1k!

Nobody is quite sure where the inlaid MOP celtic design came from, or if there’s a significance to its lines, but it certainly makes for an extremely stylish adornment across the 11th, 12th and 13th fret positions, really standing out on the superb Rosewood board. (The board is a really beautiful piece of timber – very dark Rosewood, featuring tight, ruler-straight grain. As this is a Mint condition, new-old-stock instrument, we have not oiled the board, but an application of machine or Tung oil would make the Rosewood almost as dark as Ebony, no doubt further enhancing the beauty of the inlay work)

As well as the set neck, the killer fretboard and the amazing celtic design, you also get smoked chrome hardware, which is offset perfectly by the all-over flat satin Silver finish, and a 24-fret, (medium-jumbo), 25˝” scale neck, which is a flatter ‘C’-profile than you’ll find on most modern Fenders, and with the satin finish feels and plays great!

With a body style that somewhat revisits the eighties “Super Strat”, everything all comes together in a thinner, sleeker, sexier guitar than your average Strat, with incredible build quality. As befits such a cool, cool instrument, we will ship it in the brand new, deluxe tweed hard shell case visible in the photos!

Price: AUD$1090.00 GST Included