Rickenbacker Ltd Ed. Glenn Frey model - rare!

Rickenbacker Ltd Ed. Glenn Frey model - rare!

It might be named after Glenn Frey, but it’s fellow Eagles member, Joe Walsh who’s made this Rickenbacker signature model famous. Walsh uses his 230GF as his main slide guitar, probably bringing a greater “cool factor” to the guitar in the process!

Built as a limited edition run across 1992/93, the 230GF was based on Rickenbacker’s earlier 230 Hamburg model. Intended production was 1000 units, though for reasons unknown the final number ended up being less than 350, making this highly versatile guitar even more collectable.

Built in July of 1992, the guitar features a solid Maple body and typically Rickenbacker-slim bolt-on Maple neck. (The neck feels fantastic and plays beautifully, currently set up with perfect medium action) Comfortable body contours are exclusive to the Glenn Frey model, as are the high output humbuckers, (pickups measure 14.1 and 14.3), the Jetglo painted fretboard with micro-dot markers and the matt silver backed scratchplate, (with the Glenn Frey signature).

Black chrome hardware, a 3-position mini-switch for the pickups and chrome headstock logo on the traditional Rickenbacker truss-rod cover complete this great signature model. They only came in Black, so Black is what you get.

The “uniquely voiced” humbuckers give less Ric jangle and more Tele chime, which makes for one really hot guitar, that’ll cut through any mix, and also be flexible enough for slide and some extra nice quieter tones.

The guitar has some nice, fine lacquer checking on both the body and neck, and other than lighter than expected wear for a guitar that’s seen almost 20 years of use, there are no issues, no damage and no repairs – it’s been played and loved. This uniquely collectable Rickenbacker ships in what is believed to be its original black tolex hard shell case, visible in most of the photos.

At just $1925, this is priced lower than a model in similar condition recently sold for in the US!

Price: AUD$1925.00 GST Included