Univox Lectra Bass

Univox Lectra Bass

Univox `Lectra, circa 1967 – Beatles/Hofner bass copy, shortscale, (30.5”). One of the very rare earlier two pickup versions of the highly sought Univox `Lectra bass, in good original condition. Widely recognized as being the best sounding of all the Hofner style hollowbody violin-basses, the `Lectra delivers a genuinely woody thump that you’d swear comes from an authentic Hofner Cavern bass. (With the right strings these can easily sound like an upright bass) The thump that it delivers is very much at odds with the extreme light weight of the instrument.

“Man, that’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to heaven!” was the smiling, glowing verdict from one of Australia’s top players after he recently spent an hour or so with the ’Lectra.

Technically more a clone of the 50s era Gibson EB1 than a Hofner copy, the ’Lectra’s two super-warm single-coil pickups have a lovely degree of sparkle around the top end that is unique among all of the copies. Finished in a very nice three-tone sunburst, as well as being the rare two pickup model, this stunner also has the earlier trapeze tailpiece. The guitar is fully bound, front and back, as well as the full length of the neck and the headstock. The dead straight laminated maple neck is narrow and blindingly fast, with an extremely fine rosewood fretboard. The 22 frets, (there’s a zero fret), are in great shape, and the electrics are all in perfect working order.

The elevated pickguard, (non-floating), has a rosewood (or possibly walnut) finger-stop, the floating, adjustable bridge is likewise either rosewood or walnut. (Some sources insist walnut, but both look more like rosewood to us). The pickguard is 3-ply, with reverse pickup surrounds. The laminated maple body shows some subtle birdseye marking on the rear, (see photo). There are two very small veneer cracks on the back.

There are a couple of lacquer chips around the headstock, and some crazing/cracking in the thick surface lacquer on the body, (see photos), but nothing more than you’d expect – indeed, this is how you want a guitar of this age to look. (We considered having our luthier sand out the cracks and re-do the varnish, but the near-40 year old vintage look of the instrument convinced us to leave that choice up to you)

We will ship your ’Lectra in a brand new gig bag

Price: AUD$1180.00 GST Included