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1965 Rickenbacker ‘Rose Morris’ export model, Model 1997

Price: AUD $15,500.00
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The Beatles-and-Rolling-Stones-fuelled “British Invasion” seemed to have taken over every transistor radio on the planet by the time 1965 rolled around. And the kids worldwide wanted wanted to start their own bands, playing the same guitars as their heroes – and no guitars were more recognisable than the Rickenbackers that the Beatles, Stones, Who, Animals and other UK acts could be seen brandishing on Top Of The Pops each week.


US 335 model

In a clever piece of marketing nous, the Rose-Morris company, UK distributer for Rickenbacker, managed to talk the American manufacturer into producing exclusive variations on their most popular models, to be sold only in the UK and territories. The tweak that was agreed on was a true f-shaped soundhole, in place of the standing slash/cats-eye of the existing US models. These guitars have become known to Rickenbacker fans and collectors as “Rose Morris” models, and command significantly higher prices than their equivalent US siblings. Our Model # 1997 is the UK version of the US 335 model.


Unplayed for over 30 years

With just two owners since new, our consignment customer has owned the guitar since 1985, though it was subsequently retired in 1990, and has been in storage since then. In other words, this 1965 Rickenbacker has remained unplayed for over 30 years. Looked at another way, it’s a 1965 Ric that was only played for 25 years!


Ready to go

After being in storage for 30 years, once we got the guitar on our workbench, the only tiny bit of attention it needed was to one loose solder joint on the blender pot. That’s it! A quick run over the buffer and she’s come up beautifully – take it out of the case, plug in, and you’re ready to go.



As shown in pic # 7, the bridge pickup is a DeArmond humbucker. This, along with the Grover tuners, had already been changed when our consignment owner bought the guitar in 1985. (It sounds fantastic!!) The tailpiece is a genuine Rickenbacker replacement, bought in the US, and fitted just before the guitar was retired.



A big Pete Townshend fan, our customer says the guitar is more than familiar with the Who’s ‘Substitute’. Melbourne and Geelong music fans from the eighties will likely have experienced ‘Substitute’, played on this very guitar, at Einstones or Turnstyles gigs. But, “After 36 years it’s time to find a new owner who will enjoy it as much as I did.”


So sleek and smooth to play!

The two patches of finish wear on the back are only just through the paint, and not into the timber, while the front could largely pass for a guitar only two or here years out of the factory. The scratchplate and knobs are in great condition, likewise the frets, which are Rickenbacker’s equivalent of Gibson’s famous ‘Fretless Wonders’– so low they’re barely there, but so sleek and smooth to play!


October of 1965

We have confirmed with Rickenbacker that the guitar was completed in October of 1965, and, complete with its original silver Rickenbacker-badged case, this is truly an awesome piece of music history, as well as being genuinely investment worthy. International buyers should note that the exchange rate on the poor old Australian dollar makes this a sensational buy! Check your current exchange rate HERE.


Free courier delivery

With FREE COURIER DELIVERY included to any address in Australia, ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, and $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries), this superb Rickenbacker/Rose Morris model 335/1997 is ready to come out of retirement and entertain another generation of music fans



Weight: 7lb 7oz / 3.38kg



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1965 Rickenbacker ‘Rose Morris’ export model, Model 1997

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $15,500.00
GST Included