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Danelectro ’67 Hornet Baritone

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When Danelectro decided to reissue their famous 1967 Hornet series, they also decided to rectify something that got overlooked back in the Summer Of Love – a baritone model. The 1967 Hornet range somehow failed to include a baritone, despite the popularity of previous models, dating back to when the company gave the world its first electric baritones, in the late 1950s. From that original electric baritone in the fifties, through the Beach Boys and Glen Campbell to the Beatles and beyond, nothing else gives you that fabulous bass-as-lead-guitar tone!


Vinnie Bell

The original Hornet range was created by the legendary Vincent Bell, who also designed the 12-string Bellzouki and Danelectro’s world-first, Coral-branded electric sitar, (including one only left-handed version, custom built for Jimi Hendrix). And as great as those originals were, the “67 Dead-On” Hornet reissue electronics are a vast improvement on the sixties models, with the famous Dano lipstick pickups being specially tweaked for even more wallop in the baritone model. More low end, more robust mids, plus crystal clear highs – these are seriously serious instruments, which you will absolutely love having in your guitar rack! (Here’s a LINK to a quite good YouTube demo.


Stealth jet

Aside from the killer pickups, there’s a full 27¾” scale/24-fret Rosewood fingerboard, on a modern-‘C’ profile Maple neck, Danelectro’s famous aluminium nut, individual volume and tone controls, plus 3-way pickup selector, and all nickel hardware. The body design retains the sleek and sexy ’67 Hornet styling – like a stealth jet with strings! The Hornet Baritone is also incredibly light, tipping our guitar scales at just a shade over 6lb 6oz.



This new old warehouse stock model is from the only Hornet reissue, back in 2000, and is in new old stock condition. And please, leave it as-is – don’t be tempted by online posts where people talk about changing to an adjustable steel bridge. Don’t do it, the Rosewood bridge is an integral part of the unique Danelectro sound. (And if you experiment a little with the bridge screws, you might even be able to get a touch of the famous Dano sitar effect!)


Beady F

Complete with bonus hard shell case, your new Danelectro Hornet baritone is all ready to plug in and play. Tune to “Beady F”, (B-E-A-D-F#-B), and join the ranks of the world’s famous low-end lead players. FREE COURIER DELIVERY is included to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, and $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)



Weight: 6lb 6oz / 2.9kg




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Danelectro ’67 Hornet Baritone

Price: AUD $1,890.00
GST Included