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Fender Classical nylon string Telecaster, 1996

Price: AUD $1,985.00
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Not only weren’t Fender sure what to call it, but the Classical Thinline Telecaster also isn’t a typical thinline – other than a chambered f-hole, it’s actually a solid body Tele, with a piezo pickup, and was specifically designed for classical guitar nylon strings. (That’s where “Classical” in the model name comes in, though it confused people no end)


Limited edition

Designed in Japan, as a limited edition model for Fender’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, (pic # 5 shows the 50 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE badge on the back of the headstock), this is a great example of the premium build quality that Fender Japan is renowned for. Resolutely not a Tele twanger, the solid body, the LR Baggs pickup and a Tusq nut deliver what can really only be described as an electric version of a classical guitar – with the shape and playability of a Telecaster!


Steve Winwood

So, not an acoustic guitar at all – it’s fully designed to be plugged into an amp, with the under-saddle piezo pickup, plus the guitar’s active electronics, delivering a sound completely unlike any other Telecaster. The unique sound is no doubt what brought such a legendary player as Steve Winwood to the guitar: Youtube link. Check out his solo at around 2:50.


Regular Telecaster

A regular Telecaster Maple neck, with regular Telecaster width – not classical – features a slightly flattened modern-C profile. The Rosewood fingerboard and bridge both have pearl dot inlays, with the bridge intended for ball-end nylon strings, (though die-hard classical players could probably use tie-end strings).


Tone control

The silk-and-steel/nylon strings even offer up an interesting slide tone, and some ghosty/ethereal high end notes, particularly on the higher reaches of the three top strings. The tone control, as is generally the case with Japanese models, has a really useful range, which we’ve been enjoying immensely through our workshop Vox amp.


Free courier delivery

Condition, as evident in the photos, is “well played”, though not abused – a scattering of little paint dings, front and back, plus the not uncommon Japanese lacquer checking on the back. This rare and unique Telecaster comes in a quality Ritter gig bag, with FREE COURIER DELIVERY included to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, and $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)



Weight: 6lb 6½oz / 2.9kg



Stock No. 9153

Fender Classical nylon string Telecaster, 1996

Price: AUD $1,985.00
GST Included