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Fender Eric Johnson signature model semi-hollow Stratocaster relic

Price: AUD $4,970.00
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Limited edition Eric Johnson signature model, SEMI-HOLLOW THINLINE RELIC! Meticulously custom aged Vintage White NITRO! Custom V-neck!! Custom Eric Johnson pickups!!! Killer semi-hollow Strat tone!!!! Released in early 2018, and only available for around twelve months, prices have been climbing steadily since the end of the production run.


Modern guitar legend

Hailed as the perfect marriage of a semi-hollowbody and a traditional Stratocaster, this brilliant guitar abundantly complements the playing style, tone and finesse that have earnt Eric Johnson his place as a modern guitar legend. After all, when Guitar Player magazine says Johnson is “one of the most respected guitarists on the planet”, you don’t need it any more official than that!



Eric Johnson admits to not owning many guitars – certainly not as many as some other big names – but the ones he does own all have one thing in common, and that one thing is tone! In 2015 Eric approached Fender with the idea of co-designing a lightweight, resonant instrument that combines the tones of his favorite semi-hollowbody guitars and his 1957 Strat. Two full years of research and development later, the limited edition Eric Johnson signature model Stratocaster Thinline made its debut.


Dream Stratocaster

Everything about this guitar leaves us just about speechless! From its looks to its playability to its weight, and to its tone, this is just your absolute dream Stratocaster. The spec list alone is mind-boggling:-


- Quarter-sawn Maple neck, (rare on a Fender guitar), with a soft-V ’57 profile, finished in NITRO lacquer, and a flat 12” radius board, (like a Les Paul)

- Semi-hollow Alder body

- Eric Johnson signature pickups, featuring a custom mix of Alnico III & V staggered pole pieces, with Johnson’s specified hot bridge pickup, for those crystal clear high notes and bite

- ’57-style single-ply parchment scratchplate

- Medium-jumbo frets

- A solid Alder centreblock, that runs all the way from the neck pocket to the end-pin – like an ES-335, but 25mm wider, for extra mids and sustain

- 42mm nut width

- Vintage-style tremolo system

- Vintage-stagger tuners

- No back plate, as specified by EJ

- Tone controls are also to EJ’s specification, running the bridge & neck, rather than the usual middle & neck*

- Vintage-style ash tray bridge cover, (see pic # 7)

- Aged metal parts, (pic # 6)


*Neck pickups are generally warmer than the middle and bridge, but here the neck also comes with noticeably more upper register sparkle than you’ll be expecting. In fact all three pickups have an Eric Johnson high end sparkle that you will immediately fall in love with!


Free courier delivery

Chad Underwood’s stunning aftermarket relic work aside, this guitar is brand new, and ships complete with its original Fender hard shell case - note Fender's protective foam still on the case handle - and Fender’s zip-up bag of case candy, including its original Fender certificate, (pic # 7). FREE COURIER DELIVERY is included to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International freight added at checkout)



Weight: 7lb 2½oz / 3.23kg



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Fender Eric Johnson signature model semi-hollow Stratocaster relic

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $4,970.00
GST Included