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Gibson ES-335, 1979, Walnut – LEFTY

Price: AUD $7,200.00
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Gibson’s ES-335 is one of the alltime Classic Guitars. Get yourself a Strat, a Tele, a Les Paul and a 335 and a band will mysteriously form around you, and the cover of Rolling Stone surely can’t be far off!


Lefty guitars

In these curious times we find ourselves living in at the moment, lefty guitars have become all but impossible to find – vintage ones even more so; just 27 left-handed 335s were built in 1979! That this Walnut ES-335 is in such great overall condition makes it a doubly impossible find.


Plug in and play

From tip to tail, the guitar is almost completely original – including its original Gibson hard shell case – and needs nothing doing to it, whatsoever, just plug in and play.


So musically adaptable

One of the great things about a 335 is that it’s so musically adaptable. There’s probably some nerdy guy, living in his mother’s basement in Wichita, still trying to figure out what you can’t play with a 335. Classic rock? Sure. Hard Rock? Yep. Hendrix licks, Jazz, Country, dreamy, drifty psychedelic wanderings? You betcha!



1979 ES-335s have a killer reputation, coming as they do with the highly desirable block inlays, trapeze tailpiece and coil-tap, (switch located on the treble horn). And that deliciously dark Walnut finish – in this case the darkest we’ve ever encountered. When you first open the case, you may think it's black!


Condition is superb

Aside from some light buckle-rash and a couple of scratches on the back, (see exaggerated light pic # 3), condition is superb. The front is probably Excellent+, and the back Excellent-. The “fretless wonder” frets are perfect, (they always are), the Rosewood board is perfect, the MOP inlays are perfect and sparkling, the pickup covers and tuners still shine… in short, this guitar is an absolute vintage dream!


Free courier delivery

The slim sixties profile neck is lightning fast, and despite the big Maple centre-block, the guitar is perfectly balanced, ready for a long night of stage central. Complete with its original Gibson hard case – which is in even better condition than the guitar, (we rate it as Excellent++), this extraordinary lefty ES-335 includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International freight added at checkout)



Weight: 8lb 4oz / 3.73kg


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Gibson ES-335, 1979, Walnut – LEFTY

Price: AUD $7,200.00
GST Included