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Guyatone lap steel – circa 1965

Price: AUD $1,240.00
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From a company founded in 1933 – one of the oldest musical instrument companies in all of Japan – this is a fantastic example of Japanese instrument building excellence, which may well see you swooning from delight at its sweet, sweet tone.


Single coil pickups

With two really pumping, individually switchable, single coil pickups, plus master tone and volume controls, the HG-92 gives you both more hard sonic options and more discrete adjustment than most other lap steels.


Christmas Green

Other highlights include the super-cool Bakelite Tone and Volume “TV” knobs; the original green “chicklet” tone cap; original Cosmos 250k pots; and the distinctive dark green finish. These are almost always spotted in either a cream or yellow finish – we’re not sure what this might have been listed as in a catalogue, but it’s quite rare, and we’re calling it Christmas Green.


Quite rare

Although some HG-92s were marketed outside Japan, under several other brandnames, including Columbus in the US, (and possibly Western or Weston in Australia), it was only in limited numbers and the model remains quite rare.



Condition is excellent – specially for an instrument most of the way into its sixth decade! A few little paint chips here and there, plus the spot on the coverplate on the back, (pic #4), where there’s some small rust bubbles under the black paint. We contemplated stripping it back and repainting it, but hey, it’s an honest sign of the instrument’s age, so we’ve left it as-is.


Free courier delivery

In full working order, with clean electrics and no issues whatsoever, complete with the brand new Xtreme gig bag seen in the photos, this is a highly desirable lap steel, from the peak period of Guyatone’s instrument building days. And of course it comes with our FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, and $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)




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Guyatone lap steel – circa 1965

Price: AUD $1,240.00
GST Included