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Harmony H2 lap steel, 1956

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The second killer lap steel that we’ve acquired from a recently retired player in Scottsdale, Arizona. The climate of the Phoenix area has no doubt contributed to the stunning condition of these two instruments, both over sixty years old.


Chiming twang notes

The ‘H’ in the H2 model name was for Hawaiian, in keeping with the incredibly popular music of the forties and fifties. And though assembled at the giant Harmony facility in Chicago, the H2 has all the sweet island tone you could wish for… plus blues, country, pop – whatever your inclination, whatever chiming twang notes you’re chasing, this little beauty delivers! Not the same gold foil Ry Cooder pickup, but of similar vintage to those that he made famous, this unit produces a tone just as sweet and dynamic.


Buttermilk, with shards of white

Harmony’s take on the MOTS finish used by other brands is realized here in a gorgeous buttermilk, with shards of white strewn throughout – almost mesmerizing in its subtlety.


Nick Manoloff

In production from 1954 to 1960, our H2 is from 1956, with the original Mepco/Centralab pots coded the last week of March, 1956, and a corresponding July 5 pickup date stamp, (see pic # 8). same as its Magnatone sibling, includes a famous Nick Manoloff bakelite tone bar, (pic # 7).


100% original

100% original, right down to its bakelite “cupcake” knobs, (the knobs were the only option on the H2 – either brown “radio” style, or white “cupcake”), it also comes in its original chipboard case, (pics 4, 5, 6, 8 and main). The flock back is in decent shape, the original tuners are perfect, the pots are clean… she’s ready to go.


Cocktail glasses

We’re not sure if the deco neck design is stylized umbrellas or cocktail glasses, but either way, you’re going to have one of the coolest lap steels anyone’s ever seen!


Free courier delivery

Your 1956 Harmony H2 comes with FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia




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Harmony H2 lap steel, 1956

Price: AUD $975.00
GST Included