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Sunflower Guitars “Space Kid” Custom

Price: AUD $1,765.00
GST Included

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US west coast builder Colin Kaparos hand crafts some pretty neat guitars under his Sunflower brand. The instant we saw the boomerangs on this one-off Space Kid model, we knew it belonged in Australia.



With the sole objective of tone, Kaparos takes it all the way to the line, with a solid Alder slab body, matched to a full 25½” scale Maple neck, a single P90 pickup and a tone control. That’s right, no volume control. After all, what are you really going to do with a volume control – turn it down so you don’t disturb someone’s Nanna nap?


Boomerang Laminex

Somewhat resembling an artist’s palette, the Space Kid body shape is Kaparos’s custom design, with this one-off vintage boomerang Laminex* finish providing an extra-large dose of very, very cool!


Beautifully resonant

Medium-jumbo frets, and a 9½” fingerboard radius make for easy and familiar playing. The super light weight also makes for effortless playing – at just a shade over 6lb, you’ll barely know you’ve got it hanging around your neck! And that dry, light Ash is beautifully resonant, too, with around eleven seconds of natural sustain – absolutely perfect in an electric guitar.


Let's go!

North American Maple neck, hand-oiled Ash fingerboard, hand-detailed fret ends, fully intonatable hardtail bridge, killer P-90 pickup, a tone control and a jack socket – Space Kid # 16 is both simple and a real treat. Plug ‘er in, let’s go!


Free courier delivery

Nestled inside a deluxe Fender gig bag, your Sunflower Space Kid comes with FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia



Weight: 6lb 1½ oz / 2.76kg



*Formica, for our American readers




Stock No. 9076

Sunflower Guitars “Space Kid” custom

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $1,765.00
GST Included