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Teisco Del Rey, ET-200 "Tulip" - circa 1968

Price: AUD $890.00
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We've only ever seen one single stray photo of this Teisco model before, so it's hard to be 100% certain about its place in Teisco / Teisco Del Rey history. It's most likely from the twelve to eighteen month period when the company had just been taken over by Kawai, during which time there were various short-lived new models and re-jigged current models, while the new owners tried to decide Teisco's future direction. (At least as an ET-200 it adheres to the company's standard model numbering system; E for electric, T for tremolo, 2 for two pickups) The almost unique pressed metal pickguard hasn't appeared on any other Teisco Del Rey model that we've seen. 


Twang and grunt galore

Anyway, whatever its place in the Teisco timeline, we're here to tell you that this little number is a ripper! Never marketed in Australia, Teisco Del Rey guitars have developed a real cult following here over the past few years, with nothing else delivering quite the same vintage twang, and this ET-200 has twang and grunt galore! The famous Teisco single-coil pickups really punch through, with the tremolo system both smooth and reliable. 


Brazilian board!

Electrics are perfect, there's almost no wear at all on the frets, and the fretboard itself is a superb piece of dark Brazilian Rosewood. As with many instruments of the time, intonation and tremolo use are both helped enormously with a "zero fret", (a feature some modern, high-end guitar makers are once again utilizing). The neck profile is typical of the era – no longer the "baseball bat" of earlier years, but not yet as skinny as today's general C-profile. Action is currently set medium-low, but there's heaps of easy adjustment both ways at the bridge. 



The body and headstock show numerous little dings, (though nothing really bad), only adding to the vintage charm of the instrument. There's a few spots of touch-up paint here and there, but again, nothing bad. The guitar just looks instantly vintage and way cool! AND… it's stupid, crazy light – it weighs just on 5lb, (2.25kg)!!! You could gig with this machine for a solid week and barely notice you had it strapped on. 


Free courier delivery

Other than a replaced washer on the tremolo, and the possibility that the headstock badge may be a replacement, the guitar is completely original and ships in a decent generic gig bag. And remember, all Just Guitars instruments include FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia, or $100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries 


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Teisco Del Rey ET-200, made in Japan,  circa 1968

Price: AUD $890.00
GST Included