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Over four decades in the music industry

With over four decades in the music industry, Just Guitars Australia is a family run business, dedicated to providing rare, vintage and collectable guitars to discerning buyers, at non-inflated prices – in other words, at prices you can actually afford.

New, used and vintage guitars from around the world

We travel extensively, both locally and overseas, in order to track down these fine instruments, thoroughly checking them over for condition and originality. In the interests of maintaining the rare, vintage and collectable aspects of an instrument, we generally make no alterations whatsoever – any alterations or modifications are entirely up to you. Aside from our thoroughly cleaning the guitar and replacing the strings during setup, you receive the exact same guitar we unearthed in a music store in Chicago, or pawn shop in Seattle, or estate sale in Bendigo, in essentially the same condition as when we found it.

Detailed descriptions and photos

We describe each instrument’s actual condition as fully as possible; we’ll tell you about dings and cracks and fret-wear, scratchy pots, finish-checking, buckle-rash and anything else that you need to know about. Our photos endeavour to show you exactly what you’re getting, plus some of our instruments also have sound files that you can listen to, but if you have any questions, click on the instrument’s ENQUIRE button and we’ll get back to you ASAP with the answers.

Lowest possible prices

At Just Guitars Australia we keep our prices down by passing these fine instruments on to you without them ever being displayed for retail sale, thereby minimising our overheads. And unlike many other dealers, we don’t try to stock a hundred of every guitar ever made – just the good ones, which we’ve been able to pick up at a decent price. And we don’t burden ourselves with a shop full of drums, keyboards and effects pedals – just guitars and other instruments from the guitar family. It all helps us maintain the lowest possible prices.

The Golden Age of guitars

Many of our instruments are from the 60s and 70s – the new golden age of guitars – but if we can get a good deal on a 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop or a 1930s National Style `O’ resonator, we’ll pass it on to you at a price the shopfront dealers won’t believe. We’ll sometimes also offer select new, discontinued and display models of great contemporary guitars at incredible prices.

Brands with growing followings

We always keep an eye out for brands and models that are beginning to attract the attention of collectors overseas, picking up the best of these that we can, before they become too expensive for the Australian market. Harmony, Silvertone, Eko, Kay, Fernandes, Teisco and Hagstrom are some of the vintage brands that have seen growing followings over the past few years.

Every guitar & case, just the way we found it!

If a guitar came to us in a case or gig bag, you won’t find us splitting them up and selling the case off separately – this is a uniquely Australian practise that we abhor! If it came with the guitar, you’ll receive it with the guitar.

Just Guitars Australia - we're 100% committed to the Australian musician!