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FREE Worldwide Custom Order & Search Service

Here at Just Guitars Australia we try to always keep a diverse range of instruments in stock, but obviously it's not possible to keep every guitar ever made. That's why we offer a 100% FREE custom order & search service.

With over 200 dealer contacts around the world, we have access to guitars that you may previously have thought were just dreams.

We make Australian musicians happy on a daily basis, whether it's a sixties Strat or seventies Tele, an original Les Paul Custom or a Rose Morris model Rickenbacker, an Elvis Presley model Martin to a Chuck Berry model Gibson.

Many vintage guitars were either made in very limited numbers, or simply never marketed in Australia, but, with our huge contact list, we have unmatched success at tracking them down.

An original Hummingbird? An original ES-345 with Maestro tremolo? A Beatles era Epiphone Casino? Yes, we can get all these instruments and more, generally in condition that will absolutely blow you away and at prices so low you won't believe it.

Some guitars are easily sourced, some take a little time. Most Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, SG, ES-335, Ric 330 and 360 models present little difficulty. Most Martin, Guild and Gibson acoustics, likewise. Limited edition and more obscure models can take longer to track down, but we can usually find what you're after, through one of our dealers, somewhere in the world.

And our policy of guitars at prices you can afford, applies to our custom orders as well. We're likely to be hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than what you might have imagined paying in Australia. We quite simply refuse to be part of the business of ripping off the Australian musician!

So, tell us about your dream guitar and get us searching for it. We can have that Steve Vai model Ibanez JEM, or that Hofner Beatle bass, or that vintage National resonator in your hands sooner than you think.