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Frequently Asked Questions on our Vintage Guitars

If you have questions about Just Guitars Australia, or any of the rare, vintage and collectible guitars for sale on our website, you should find the answers below. Or simply CLICK HERE to contact us.

Who is Just Guitars Australia?

We are a family run business, with over four decades in the music industry. We are dedicated to providing rare, collectable and vintage guitars to the Australian musician, at non-inflated prices – in other words, at prices you can actually afford.

Where do your collectable classic and vintage guitars come from?

We travel regularly to the United States on buying trips, often returning home with many vintage instruments that were never marketed here when they were new. Some of these brands include Kay, Harmony, Silvertone, and Regal - all excellent,
craftsman-built instruments, largely unheard of in Australia until the advent of the internet.

We have also built up one of the largest dealer contact lists in the world, enabling us to turn to over 200 dealers worldwide for stock.

Do you buy instruments?

Ninety-nine percent of our stock comes from guitar shows and dealers in the US. Locally we prefer to take instruments on consignment, as it gives the customer the best deal possible. If you walk into any music store in Australia, wanting them to buy your guitar off you for cash, you will typically be offered between a third and half of what the store will later price it at to sell. With Australia's lowest consignment fee - just 10% after GST - an instrument consigned with us, that sells for say $2000, will give you a return of $1620. And with Just Guitars, that money is in your bank account the next day!

How much is your shipping cost?

NOTHING – it's FREE! Every one of our guitars includes free shipping to any address within Australia.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes. We ship to the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and the mainstream European countries. You can check the allowed countries & shipping costs from the Shopping Cart page. If you are somewhere other than the countries listed, click here to enquire about shipping to your location.

How do you ship your guitars?

Within Australia we exclusively use FastWay couriers for all but urgent interstate deliveries. Fast Way have been handling our guitar shipments impeccably for over ten years. Occasionally a customer needs a guitar faster than road freight can manage – maybe a weekend gig, or a birthday or anniversary present – in which case we use the Qantas air courier service, (charging only our cost), which can usually get a guitar from Tullamarine to Perth or Brisbane the next day. (Sometimes even the same day!)

How do you pack your guitars for shipping?

Vintage guitar dealers are an environmentally friendly bunch! We constantly recycle foam and bubble-wrap packaging material. We also buy the occasional top up of 'Excelsior', one of the oldest, most environmentally friendly packing materials of all time.

Excelsior is shaved wood pulp, which would otherwise go to scrap, and has been in use for over 100 years. (If you're over "a certain age", you may remember Excelsior being used in boxes of Christmas decorations and other delicate china and glassware). If you find some Excelsior in your guitar box, and have no further use for it as packing yourself, it's fully biodegradable in the garden, and works great around the strawberry plants!

How long will my guitar take to arrive?

Excepting remote areas, anywhere in Victoria is next day delivery; Sydney and Canberra are next day. See the list below for estimated delivery times for other areas:

  • Adelaide - 1 to 2 days
  • Brisbane and Tasmania - 2 to 3 days
  • Gold Coast - 3 to 4 days
  • FNQ and remote Qld areas up to 7 days
  • Perth - 3 -7 days
  • WA outlying and remote areas - 7 - 10 days
  • Northern Territory - similar to WA outlying and remote areas

Note: Weekend days are not included in estimated delivery days.

Do you sell new guitars?

We mainly sell used and vintage guitars, however we sometimes pick up new guitars through trades with other dealers. We have no contracts with any of the major brands, so manufacturer warranties do not apply, and even though new, such instruments shall be considered to be in "used other" condition.

How do I know a guitar matches the condition in your description?

We know buying a guitar over the internet might not seem ideal for everyone , which is why our descriptions are hands down the best and most detailed of any dealer in Australia. Backed by detailed photos, our exhaustive descriptions endeavour to convey everything you need to know to help you make the right decision. If you still have doubts, call us on 1800 75 45 60 (free call), and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Can I try a guitar before I buy it?

If you live in Victoria, you're welcome to pull up a seat in our workshop and play away to your heart's content! But we're also just as happy to bring guitars to you, especially as it allows you to play it through your own gear. We'll bring instruments to your home, workplace, studio, rehearsal space or wherever works best for you. The Block Arcade in the Melbourne CBD, and Lygon Street in Carlton are both locations where we'll often arrange to meet up with customers.

Do you use stock photos?

NO! We take every photograph of every guitar ourselves. The guitar you see for sale on the webpage is the exact instrument that will arrive at your door.