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Refunds Policy

All used and vintage items sold by Just Guitars Australia shall be considered to have been supplied to the buyer in used condition. New, new old stock, demo and display models shall be considered to have been supplied to the buyer in “used other” condition. (This means we have no contracts with any of the major manufacturers and accordingly acquire their products through trades and deals with third party suppliers, eg, other dealers) Items are in the condition described, (as accurately as humanly possible), and sold as-is, with no new or manufacturer's warranty implied or otherwise.

Vintage and collectible guitars, as with any similarly vintage item, may contain pre-existing problems or faults, not immediately or easily discernible, or develop problems or faults at any future time, however all instruments leave Just Guitars in the described condition. Scratchy pots do not constitute a fault.

Refunds will only be considered in the case of damage occurred during shipping, in which case signed proof of carton damage, and corresponding interior damage, must be obtained from the carrier’s representative at the point of delivery. (We ship exclusively with FastWay couriers within Australia and UPS or FedEx internationally, and have never had a shipping mishap or claim)