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Fender Duo-Sonic – historically correct 1962/63 custom relic

Price: AUD $2,375.00
GST Included

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Here’s your chance to delve into awesome Duo-Sonic/Mustang territory, at an amazing Just Guitars bargain price! First up, press the play button and listen to our soundfile, while we tell you about this killer axe…


Premium parts

At Custom Shop prices, Fender’s ‘Closet Classic’ series gives a new guitar the look and feel of an instrument from the fifties or sixties, which was played only a few times when it was still new, and has then been tucked away under a bed – or at the back of a closet – ever since. A brand new guitar, with just some light playwear, plus paintwork that has lost some of its sheen and some time-equivalent tarnishing of the metal parts. And that’s exactly what we have here – a custom short scale Duo-Sonic relic, loaded tip-to-toe with nothing but premium parts, that’s probably the second best, non-official relic job we’ve ever seen!



Premium features here include:-


- Vintage-correct Alder body
- Vintage-correct, thick Rosewood slab fingerboard

- Medium-jumbo frets

- Medium ‘C’ neck profile

- Vintage amber-tint neck lacquer
- Vintage-correct, early/mid-sixties single patent number headstock decal
- All relic’d hardware, including switch & jack socket and vintage Kluson-

  style tuners
- All premium American electronics, including wiring, capacitors and full-

  size CTS pots
- Volume and tone controls feature vintage-style, relic’d knurled metal

- Vintage-correct brass bridge saddles
- Genuine mid-sixties Fender neckplate – not a reproduction!


Tone and wallop

But wait, there’s more! That killer vintage tone in our soundfile comes to you courtesy of a magnificent set of Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups, designed to provide perfect Mustang/Duo-Sonic string balance – just like the famous black bobbin originals. The large, correct-size pole pieces even extend through the baseplates, just like the originals. The tone and wallop of these pickups will absolutely blow you away!


Better pickup placement

Retaining the original short scale design, Fender tweaked these Duo-Sonic reissues with a very slightly longer scale length, for better pickup placement and improved intonation – 22.7” versus 22.5” of the fifties and sixties models.



Half the price of a vintage Mustang, and around a thousand bucks less than what a vintage Duo-Sonic will set you back these days, the clincher here is the great nitro paintwork. From 1960 to 1963, Shell Pink was one of Fender’s official Custom Colors. As with many guitar colors, Shell Pink had its origins in the automobile industry, when it first appeared as a color option for the 1956 DeSoto models. After a three year run, in keeping with their policy of regularly freshening up the Custom Color range, in 1963 Fender deleted Shell Pink, replacing it with Candy Apple Red.


Custom Color

When the ordering department would pass the paperwork through for a ‘Special Entered’, or Custom Color instrument, standard Fender policy back in the day was to simply grab an already painted guitar and spray the new color straight over the existing color. In replicating that process, our Duo-Sonic is finished in genuine Shell Pink nitro, over an “undercoat” of Lake Placid Blue. The paint is then slightly dulled, to represent fifty years in a closet, and some very light playwear added here and there, allowing the Lake Placid Blue to show through.


Free courier delivery

Complete with its original deluxe Fender hard shell tweed case, your nitro finished Shell Pink Duo-Sonic relic includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International freight added at checkout)




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Fender Duo-Sonic – historically correct 1962/63 custom relic

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $2,375.00
GST Included