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Gibson ES-335, Vintage Sunburst, 1999

Price: AUD $6,075.00
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Ain’t nuthin’ more classic than yer dot neck ES-335!


We could probably leave our description of this killer axe at just those few words above, but there’s a couple of things we’d like to bring to your attention…


Full Maple centreblock

First up, unlike the “weight-relieved” centreblock models that began appearing shortly after Gibson shifted hollowbody production to their new Memphis Custom facility the following year, this 1999 Nashville 335 features the traditional full Maple centreblock – and the corresponding weight. 8lb 15oz of solid Maple tone! For a semi-hollowbody guitar, this weighs more than most Strats. Every bit of that weight transfers to incredible 335 tone and sustain – around 17 seconds of natural, acoustic sustain. Plug that into your Marshall stack and let rip!



Completed at Gibson’s Nashville facility on the 19th of November, 1999, someone in the wood room must have noticed an extra special slab of Rosewood coming through and syphoned it off to the 335 production team. We’re not suggesting this was a special run of Brazilian, but the grain is so incredibly tight, just like Brazilian Rosewood, that it could very easily be represented to your bandmates as such. (Of course we do not condone such outrageous fibs)



Finally, you’ll always be able to pick your 335 out in a police line-up, due to its unique “fingerprints”. Occasionally Maple – and several other hardwoods – can develop random markings, from patches to (more commonly) streaks, due to the growing tree taking up mineral deposits through its roots. Our rear shot of the guitar, (pic # 4), shows several little streaks of mineral deposit in the AA-flame*, plus one on the front, (pic #1), between the bridge and pickup selector switch.



In Excellent- condition, this guitar has been really cared for over its twenty-five years. Some very light playwear; frets in superb shape; no dings or cracks or repairs – just a fabulous sounding ES-335, 100% ready to plug in and play. And that awesome, beautifully aged tone!!!


Free courier delivery

Complete with its original Gibson “Cali Girl” hard case, in likewise great condition, our FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia will have this wonderful music-making machine at your door before you know it. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, and $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)



Weight: 8lb 15oz / 4.06kg



*Note that, depending on the viewing angle, the Maple shows flame, or ribbon pattern, or both. And nicely subtle, too – sophisticated, if you like




Stock No. 9220

Gibson ES-335, Vintage Sunburst, 1999

Price: AUD $6,075.00
GST Included