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Gibson Les Paul Traditional, with Peter Green pickup conversion - LEFTY

Price: AUD $3,900.00
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Peter Green was positive that all he had done was reversed the neck humbucker, and hadn’t messed with its insides, when he was fooling around with his 1959 Les Paul, seeing what different sounds he might coax out of it. Years later – after Green had sold the guitar to fellow legend, Gary Moore – a couple of experts got inside it and bench-tested that pickup, it turned out the magnet had been installed in reverse, almost certainly having left the Gibson factory that way – a simple production line “accident”. (Around ten years back, Joe Bonamassa acquired an all original fifties Les Paul with an identically reversed magnet, so it appears that it was not an isolated occurrence)


The Peter Green sound

Anyhow, "The Peter Green sound" became a thing, something that legions of Les Paul players have hunted ever since, often spending many thousands of dollars along the way. (Here’s a couple of Youtube clips, where you can soak up Green’s incredible blues tone: VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2) Guitar builder, Larry Corsa in the US is one of the few that figured it out, and the faded ‘bursts that he converted back in the late nineties and early 2000s now change hands for very large dollars.


That middle position

Short of twenty or thirty thousand dollars for one of Larry Corsa’s creations, or several hundred thousand for an original fifties model, this fantastic Cherryburst Les Paul Traditional, kitted out with Bare Knuckle ‘PG Blues’ humbuckers – at over $500 a set – is like money in the bank! And here’s the thing… you don’t need to tell anyone your secret. Just hit that middle position on the pickup selector switch and quietly blow the room away.


Very resonant

Aiding the sound on this monster sounding machine, a very resonant Maple-capped Mahogany body – 16 seconds of natural acoustic decay! Plug in, turn up, grab hold of its fast-playing sixties neck, and family and friends will cease to exist. (FINE PRINT: Just Guitars not responsible for any divorce actions or subsequent settlements)



Of course, being that this is a lefty LP, these things aren’t just falling out of the trees. The chance of stumbling across another of these, particularly in Australia, is virtually zero – Melbourne’s old department store, Buckley & Nunn springs to mind. Built in February, 2009, the guitar remains in Near Mint condition, its Cherryburst paintwork still like new, and the frets appear untouched.


Free courier delivery

Complete with its original Gibson hard shell case, this incredible lefty machine includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International freight added at checkout)



Weight: 9lb 2oz / 4.13kg




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Gibson Les Paul Traditional, with Peter Green pickup conversion

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $3,900.00
GST Included