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Martin D-18 – LEFTY, 2002

Price: AUD $4,350.00
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Here’s an exceedingly rare opportunity for lefties. Built at Martin’s facility in Nazareth, Pennsylvania in 2002, the legendary D-18, as seen in the hands of such famous names as Jerry Garcia, Elvis Presley, Lyle Lovett, Molly Tuttle, Kurt Cobain, (MTV Unplugged), Neil Young, Paul Simon, Doc Watson, Jim Croce, Brownie McGhee, David Crosby… and scads more, is one of the most essential acoustic guitars the world has ever known. And this left-handed D-18 has your name on it!



In the mid-1800s, Martin’s ‘Style 18’ guitars cost stores $18. Gibson and other brands followed a similar pricing structure, with the original model name being either the wholesale or the retail price. Sure, they might cost a little more these days, but they’re worth every cent.


An easier player

People often ask us what the difference is in Martin’s two big models – the D-18 and the D-28. Is the D-28 bigger? Is it built better? Is the D-28’s Rosewood body better than the D-18’s Mahogany? Etc. Honestly, there’s not a lot in it, but here’s the in-a-nutshell take: thanks to its scalloped braces, while they’re both the same size dreads, the D-18 doesn’t have the often overpowering bottom end of the D-28; many players find the D-18 the perfect vocal accompaniment, whereas the D-28 can be loud and over-assertive; if you’re a picker, both have a crisp top end, but the D-18’s seems better matched to its warmer mids, (the Mahogany), which don’t get swamped by a booming low end: and many find the D-18 to be an easier player, in that you need to actually work at keeping the D-28’s bigger bottom end from taking over. Here’s the even more in-a-nutshell take: D-28 = rhythm guitar; D-18 = guitar and vocals. (These are obviously generalisations – your experience may differ. If pain persists, see your doctor)


D-28 appointments

Curiously, this D-18 was custom spec’d with several D-28 appointments. Style 28 soundhole rosette, Style 28 fingerboard inlay pattern, East Indian Rosewood board, bridge & headstock overlay, and raised Martin gold headstock logo.


Solid Mahogany

As well as the above, stock spec’s include solid Mahogany back & sides, solid Sitka Spruce top, one-piece Mahogany neck, gloss nitro finish (with ageing toner), and compensated bone saddle. Also featured are 5-ply top binding, (single-ply on the rear), and vintage-Waverley-style Grover StaTite tuners.


LR Baggs

The action is currently still at its factory setting of a hair below medium. If you would like us to take it down to medium-low, or even low, please let us know, and allow an extra day or two in shipping time. And as with all our acoustics, we will be happy to install an LR Baggs M1A active soundhole pickup before shipping. If purchased with the guitar, at our cost price of $265, we do not charge for this installation. The M1A is the Just Guitars acoustic pickup of choice.


Free courier delivery

Other than the one small touched-up ding near the treble-side edge on the back, (pic # 4), the guitar is in superb condition – it appears almost unplayed – and comes in its original Martin hard shell case. Our famous FREE COURIER DELIVERY is included to any address in Australia. ($100 shipping to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)



Grab yourself one of the true hallmark acoustics!




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Martin D-18 – LEFTY, 2002

Price: AUD $4,350.00
GST Included