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PRS / Paul Reed Smith Swamp Ash Special

Price: AUD $3,200.00
GST Included

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Sapphire Smokeburst!! Gorgeous. We could stop there and this fine guitar would sell just about itself. But, honor bound, we’ll share some more about it…



Carved Swamp Ash body

Magnificent one-piece flame Maple neck and board, featuring the PRS ‘Wide Fat’ carve. (The standard spec radius is 10”, but this is slightly flatter and more “bend” friendly – somewhere between 10½ and 11”)

Vintage (“Antique”), neck & board tint
AAA-grade Abalone dot inlays
Locking tuners
McCarty neck & bridge pickups, with factory Seymour Duncan ‘Vintage Rails’ in the middle position – with coil-tap


Les Paul and Strat tone

Quite the package! And looks and hardware aside, the guitar feels so good in your hands –perfectly balanced on your strap, with everything just right – jump right in and play. With the push-pull coil-tap on the tone control, revel in the ability to stay on the Vintage Rails and switch between Les Paul and Strat tone! And it’s clean LP tone, too, with the Maple board nicely eliminating much of that traditional humbucker muddiness.


Designed for the serious player

These guitars were designed for the serious player, so dial in the setup for your preferred string gauge, and you’re good to go! (We’ve just put a new set of 10s on – and you can hear how amazing it sounds in our soundfile)


Professionally serviced and maintained

As a pro played guitar, there’s some light playwear showing in the finish on top, (pic # 6, lower), some buckle-rash on the back, (see enhanced portion of pic # 1), and some spots of typical play wear through the lacquer on the fingerboard, (pics 2 & 7). Nothing bad or glaring, and most isn’t really noticeable at anything more than about a metre away. In overall Very Good+ condition, this is a professionally played, and professionally serviced and maintained guitar, that feels comfortable and plays perfectly the second you strap it on.


Free courier delivery

The combination of Swamp Ash and the Sapphire Smokeburst finish, aided by the ‘tiger stripe’ flame Maple and Abalone inlays, all make for an incredibly striking guitar, with the electronics capping it all off perfectly. Complete with its original PRS hard shell case, this fabulous Swamp Ash Special includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International freight added at checkout)



Weight: 7lb 15oz / 3.58kg




Stock No. 8921

PRS / Paul Reed Smith Swamp Ash Special - Sapphire Smokeburst

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $3,200.00
GST Included