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Taylor T5-S1 – rare Midnight Blue

Price: AUD $2,875.00
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If you’d like to cut down on the number of guitars you need to take to a gig, then buy this superb T5 and you’re done! Taylor’s revolutionary T5 is an acoustic guitar. Taylor’s award winning T5 is an acoustic-electric guitar. Taylor’s multiple award winning T5 is an electric guitar. It’s practically the working guitarist’s Holy Grail, with ‘versatile’ barely coming close to describing how all-encompassingly fantastic a T5 really is. But try this on for size: You can play it acoustically through either an acoustic or an electric amp. Yes, it really is that versatile!


Shakira to Elliot Easton

When Bob Taylor launched the first T5 on an unsuspecting music public in 2005, it was nominated for ‘Electric Guitar Of The Year’ in the music industry press. It was also nominated as ‘Acoustic Guitar Of The Year’. It won both awards! Proof of just how musically wide-ranging the T5 can be comes in its list of players, which takes in everyone from David Lee Roth to Shakira, Michelle Shocked to Elliot Easton of the Cars and many, many more.


One axe covers everything

Want to cut loose with some ‘Back In Black’ or ‘Ace Of Spades? No worries at all for the T5. A bit of Merle Haggard? Definitely. A touch of jazz or fusion? Sure! It’s hard to believe that one axe covers everything – and all so easily and impressively: fantastic semi-acoustic tones in the first pickup selector position; Tele-like tones in position three, and chunky rock power in position five. Play around with the volume and tone controls and you’ll open up an extraordinarily diverse palette of sonic shading and options – some of which sound absolutely incredible pushed into overdrive.


Believe what you hear

Check out our soundfile while you keep reading, and believe what you hear – and, yes, it’s all the one guitar!


Three pickups

With a carved, fully hollow thinline body, for 100% acoustic tone, the T5-S1 comes packed with not one, not two, but three pickups – two stacked humbuckers, plus a dynamic body sensor. The visible humbucker gives you all the rock tones you’ll ever need, while the second humbucker – buried beneath the fingerboard, inside the neck joint - provides warm and woody tones, as well as being more than capable of going fat and rowdy.


The acoustic body sensor unit is attached just behind the bridge, picking up all the shimmer and soundboard nuances that make the T5 one of the most exciting acoustic axes around. Make no mistake, there are no compromises at any level on a T5 – it rocks, it growls, it takes it smooth and easy – whatever you want to play, the T5 is there for you.



Appointments and build quality are top-of-the-line all the way: a fully hollow thinline body, carved from a single piece of solid Mahogany; carved Spruce braces; set Mahogany neck; bound body, neck, headstock and soundholes; Ebony board with microdot inlays; Ebony bridge; bone nut and intonation-compensated bone saddle; Ebony headstock overlay; Ebony bridge pins; soft-touch control knobs; and gloss finished Midnight Blue* paintwork. The flame Maple top and Ebony board combine to give a lovely, crisp sound overall, with a nice twang in the upper registry, when you want to dial yourself into Tele country.



On the electrics side, you get active tone controls that work like an EQ, allowing you to add or subtract bass and treble to suit, while the visible humbucker comes equipped with Taylor’s noise-cancelling dummy circuit, further adding to the instrument’s quite astonishing versatility. Your 5-way pickup switching options are:-

Position 1: neck humbucker and body sensor
Position 2: neck humbucker only
Position 3: bridge humbucker
Position 4: neck & bridge humbuckers in parallel (Gibson ES-335 or a fifties Gretsch hollowbody)
Position 5: neck & bridge humbuckers in series (from jazz stylings right through to full, fat lead work)



An incredibly smooth and easy playing guitar, the T5 has a lovely slim neck and an almost flat fingerboard radius of 15” – all very player friendly! In Excellent+ condition, the guitar has only ever been used in the studio or at home; frets are perfect; the paintwork shows just very light hints of use.

Free courier delivery

Complete with its original alligator pattern hard shell case, (see pic # 8), this brilliant guitar will be courier delivered FREE to any address in Australia. ($100 airfreight to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries. International shipping added at checkout)



Weight: 6lb 6oz / 2.88kg


*This is not the more common Blue Edgeburst, but custom ordered Midnight Blue. (And apologies for some of the image quality – this was a very difficult guitar to photograph)


Stock No. 8848

Taylor T5-S1 – rare Midnight Blue

Listen to this guitar

Price: AUD $2,875.00
GST Included