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Right now is an ideal time to be thinking about vintage instruments. The Australian dollar is healthy again, making it highly affordable to now invest in something you may previously have thought unattainable.

A word about the Australian vintage guitar market. Many of the older instruments available for sale in Australia have been going around the country for year after year. The guitarist from that sixties band sold his ’63 Strat to some guy from an eighties “hair band”, who traded it in during the late nineties on an early PRS. And now, that same guitar is for sale yet again – and because it’s now traded hands several times, for more money each time, its price has become highly inflated, putting it beyond the reach of most players.

Here at Just Guitars Australia we import the majority of our stock from overseas, mostly the US, and in many cases the instruments are one owner models, in far better condition than the ones that have spent 30, 40, 50 or more years, circling Australia on the used instrument merry-go-round. Plus, with America generally being a more disposable society, our buying prices are lower, and with the reduced costs of shipping in bulk, we can then make these fine instruments available to the Australian musician at the lowest possible prices, ensuring our guitars are actually affordable.

Many of the vintage instrument brands available at Just Guitars were never available in Australia – American brands such as Kay, Harmony and Silvertone, Japanese-built American lines such as Teisco Del Rey, Kent, Tele-Star and Zen-on, and we try also to cover some of today’s boutique builders and luthiers. We do our very best to make sure our website always has a good selection of instruments that you probably aren’t going to find anywhere else – short of flying to the US and trawling through music stores from coast to coast!

And with our vast network of dealers worldwide, our FREE search service is unparalleled. Not too long ago, we found a very nice 1966 Stratocaster for a customer in Perth, that would have sold elsewhere in Australia for at least $23,000 – our customer paid well under $10,000, and is a very happy man.

Customer Feedback
I have always wanted, (lusted actually), a sixties Hummingbird, but knew I'd never be able to justify the expense. When my friend told me to check out your website, I was pretty impressed with your prices, but after I inquired about a Hummingbird, and you started getting back to me with some photo's and pictures of what you said I could afford, I could hardly believe it. Now my guitar has arrived I'm completely in awe of what you guys can do! I have got a lovely 1968 Hummingbird, (my friends are all green with envy), and I can still afford to eat and pay my rent. Thank you all so very much!