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  • Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage
    Aud $4,800.00

    Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage

    Emmylou Harris, Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, the Everly Brothers, Sheryl Crow, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Stephen Stills… no wonder Gibson hail the SJ-200 as “The World’s Most Famous Acoustic Guitar”

  • Rickenbacker 330 - Jetglo
    Aud $3,100.00

    Rickenbacker 330 - Jetglo

    A fabulous sounding Ric - and so very, very black! It's always fun getting a nice Ric in, and this 330 is chock full of super cool sounds...

  • Aud $0.00

    Coming Soon

    We have so many cool new instruments arriving at the moment that it’s taking us longer than usual to get them all up on the website. Here’s a bit of a list…

  • Maton FG100 acoustic - 1972
    Aud $1,300.00

    Maton FG100 acoustic - 1972

    From June of 1972, this may well be the finest sounding Maton we’ve had in some time. Clear, vintage Gibson-like tone that rings out across any room

  • Fender ‘Lipstick Strat’, Shell Pink – BRAND NEW
    Aud $3,150.00

    Fender ‘Lipstick Strat’, Shell Pink – BRAND NEW!

    From a very small production run in 2012 – of which the Shell Pink model sold out almost immediately – Nate Daniel’s famous Danelectro lipstick pickup tone meets Leo Fender’s Stratocaster

  • Fender limited edition Nitro Strat, 2010 - Vintage White
    Aud $2,100.00

    Fender limited edition Nitro Strat, 2010

    A limited edition American Standard Stratocaster in Vintage White nitrocellulose lacquer! One of just 150 California produced, special run, genuine nitrocellulose finished Strats