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  • Gibson ES-335-12, 1968
    Aud $5,500.00

    Gibson ES-335-12, 1968

    The GIANT sound in vintage twelve-string electrics! As played by the likes of Robby Krieger from the Doors, David Byrne, Johnny Marr and Bruce Springsteen

  • Aud $1,500.00

    Epiphone Ltd Edition Masterbilt AJ-500

    Top-of-the-range Epi acoustic! These Masterbilt models have a reputation for being great bluegrass guitars. Bargain priced to sell quickly...

  • Aud $1,190.00

    Kingston V2T 'Rokes' copy

    Eko's famous, (infamous?) Rokes model was only in production for two or three years in the late sixties, but continued into the early to mid seventies through various brand-name copies out of Japan. S...

  • Gibson, ES, 335, 12, National, Resolectric, Reso, Tele, Telecaster, lefty
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    Coming Soon

    Here's a quick preview of some of the killer instruments that we are currently busy photographing and recording, before we add them to the website

  • Aud $6,100.00

    Gibson SJ-200 Standard, Sunburst

    Made by the same Gibson acoustic folk in Bozeman, Montana, as our Montana Gold model, this is the Standard version of Gibson's famous SJ-200 'super jumbo', featuring slightly less bling :)

  • Gibson L-1 - Robert Johnson signature model
    Aud $3,750.00

    Gibson L-1 - Robert Johnson signature model

    Without Robert Johnson and his Gibson L-1, there'd have been no Blues. Without the Blues, there'd have been no Rock'n'Roll. Without the Blues and Rock'n'Roll, what a sad world we'd be living in...