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    Coming Soon

    We have so many cool new instruments arriving at the moment that it’s taking us longer than usual to get them all up on the website. Here’s a bit of a list…

  • Danelectro 6/12-string Double-neck
    Aud $1,875.00

    Danelectro 6/12-string Double-neck

    Getcha Jimmy Page or your Stevie Ray Vaughan on, with the perfect double-neck – the Dano 6/12. Comes with custom made prestige roadcase

  • PRS / Paul Reed Smith, Custom 24 – LEFTY. Solana Burst ‘10 Top’
    Aud $4,670.00

    PRS / Paul Reed Smith, Custom 24 – LEFTY. ‘10 Top’

    Now limited to only the very occasional and very limited production run, left-handed Paul Reed Smith guitars have become incredibly hard to get hold of – grab this one before it’s gone!

  • Fender Prodigy ''Superstrat'', 1991
    Aud $1,850.00

    Fender Prodigy ''Superstrat'', 1991

    When you want your Strat to be a little – or a lot – more versatile. (And maybe slightly pointier)

  • James Trussart Rust O Matic Steelcaster, ’62 relic
    Aud $5,900.00

    James Trussart Rust O Matic Steelcaster, ’62 Relic

    Bob Dylan, Jack White, Emily Robison & Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, (and Mick), Lucinda Williams, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Paul Simon, Tom Morello...

  • Gibson ES-135, Cherry, 2002
    Aud $2,175.00

    Gibson ES-135, Cherry, 2002

    Like the bastard child of the ES-335 and the ES-175, here’s the ideal middle ground between balls-to-the-wall rock-out and everything else in the vast range from rockabilly to jazz - all in one axe!

  • Taylor NS32CE, Nylon String acoustic-electric
    Aud $1,725.00

    Taylor NS32CE, Nylon String acoustic-electric, 2008

    The brilliant quality of Taylor acoustics – in a nylon string model, built specially for steel-string players

  • An all original Blues Hawk - with the ''secret'' tone position
    Aud $1,950.00

    Gibson Blueshawk / Blues Hawk, 1998

    The Blues Hawk was the star of Gibson's Hawk series. A bit like a slightly squashed, slightly smaller Les Paul body shape, the Hawk design was one of the company's finest designs in many years

Customer Feedback

I admit I was a bit sceptical at first, when you said it shouldn't be too hard finding a vintage Gretsch 'New Yorker' for my (very meagre) budget. When you came through with details on three really nice looking ones I was still sceptical about how good they could really be for the prices you were quoting me. As you know I eventually bit the bullet and took a gamble on you. Well, I can't thank you enough. To receive a 1952 'New Yorker' in this condition, FOR THIS STUPIDLY LITTLE AMOUNT OF MONEY, is unreal!! I can't thank you enough for making this part time musician a VERY happy man.
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