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  • Dobro model 60D S (square neck)
    Aud $3,450.00

    Dobro model 60D S (square neck)

    Last of the pre-Gibson, California-made models. Fully hand built in Huntington Beach, California, in 1987

  • Martin TransAction acoustic-electric (DCRNS)
    Aud $4,800.00

    Martin TransAction acoustic-electric (DCRNS)

    When Martin make a limited edition, and Ned Steinberger is involved.....…!

  • Gibson Firebird Custom-Acoustic - limited edition
    Aud $7,200.00

    Gibson Firebird Custom Acoustic

    Like the heavenly coming together of a Hummingbird and an SJ-200, with the added dry and crisp cut of a vintage blues machine!

  • Gibson HP-635, 2017 – Walnut back & sides!
    Aud $3,925.00

    Gibson HP-635, 2017 – Walnut back & sides!

    Gibson 'High Performance' HP-635, with Walnut back & sides! Sings like a Hummingbird, with a slightly thinner, more playable J-45-like body

  • Martin D-18 dreadnought, dreadnaught. Mahogany body  Sitka Spruce top
    Aud $3,300.00

    Martin D-18, 2008

    One of the absolute classic dreadnoughts, you’ve probably heard a D-18 on literally hundreds of songs. This won’t be here long – grab it while you can…

  • Guild F-412 Twelve-String
    Aud $3,850.00

    Guild F-412 Twelve-String

    Introduced back in 1968, Guild’s Custom F-412 immediately became known as the best twelve-string guitar that money could buy. This is the warmest sounding 12-string we’ve ever heard!

  • Gibson SJ-200 Montana Gold, Flame Maple
    Aud $6,800.00

    Gibson SJ-200 Montana Gold, Flame Maple

    This was just the 88th of these truly stunning guitars from Gibson's famous acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana. Now out of production, prices are rising rapidly. Grab this before they're $10k!

  • Gibson L-1 - Robert Johnson signature model
    Aud $3,750.00

    Gibson L-1 - Robert Johnson signature model

    Without Robert Johnson and his Gibson L-1, there'd have been no Blues. Without the Blues, there'd have been no Rock'n'Roll. Without the Blues and Rock'n'Roll, what a sad world we'd be living in...

Customer Feedback

My guitar finally made it across the Nullabor, and I'm rapt! A sixties Strat for less than $20k was hard enough to believe on its own, but for it to be in such fantastic condition - even better than the description - is an absolute bonus. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone at Just Guitars!
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