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  • Gibson ES-335-12, 1968
    Aud $5,500.00

    Gibson ES-335-12, 1968

    The GIANT sound in vintage twelve-string electrics! As played by the likes of Robby Krieger from the Doors, David Byrne, Johnny Marr and Bruce Springsteen

  • Aud $1,190.00

    Kingston V2T 'Rokes' copy

    Eko's famous, (infamous?) Rokes model was only in production for two or three years in the late sixties, but continued into the early to mid seventies through various brand-name copies out of Japan. S...

  • Gibson, ES, 335, 12, National, Resolectric, Reso, Tele, Telecaster, lefty
    Aud $0.00

    Coming Soon

    Here's a quick preview of some of the killer instruments that we are currently busy photographing and recording, before we add them to the website

  • Duesenberg Starplayer TV - Silver Sparkle - 2003
    Aud $2,450.00

    Duesenberg Starplayer TV - Silver Sparkle!

    Buy this guitar and add your name to the list: John Mayer, Joe Walsh, Christina Martin, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Tony Joe White Steve Earle, Ronnie Wood...

  • Ibanez BOB WEIR Professional, 1976
    Aud $2,550.00

    Ibanez BOB WEIR Professional, 1976

    The Bob Weir Professional - Ibanez Model 2680 - top-of-the-range seventies perfection

  • Fender Stratocaster - ’68 Reverse Special (Voodoo Strat, Mk II)
    Aud $3,750.00

    Fender Stratocaster - ’68 Reverse Special

    The Jimi Hendrix tribute model, Mk. II – post 'Voodoo Strat'. Super rare, super Olympic White, super authentic Jimi tone... in a right-handed Strat!

  • Custom order Rick Turner 'Model One', Lindsey Buckingham
    Aud $0.00

    Custom Orders

    Along with our FREE worldwide custom order & search service, we are the exclusive Australian dealer for Rick Turner guitars – including the Model One, made famous by Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham

  • Pelosi Custom, Les Paul style – custom built for Jodi Head
    Aud $3,250.00

    Pelosi Custom, Les Paul style – custom built for Jodi Head

    We almost don’t want to part with this! Truly one of the coolest LP-style guitars we’ve ever had through

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thank you so much, i am just in love with my new guitar i got from yall... awsome,great people and service... you have made somebody in texas very happy.
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