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  • Gibson L-1 - Robert Johnson signature model
    Aud $3,750.00

    Gibson L-1 - Robert Johnson signature model

    Without Robert Johnson and his Gibson L-1, there'd have been no Blues. Without the Blues, there'd have been no Rock'n'Roll. Without the Blues and Rock'n'Roll, what a sad world we'd be living in...

  • Gibson SJ-200 Standard, Sunburst
    Aud $6,100.00

    Gibson SJ-200 Standard, Sunburst

    Made by the same Gibson acoustic folk in Bozeman, Montana, as our Montana Gold model, this is the Standard version of Gibson's famous SJ-200 'super jumbo', featuring slightly less bling :)

  • Oahu vintage Hawaiian slide guitar. Square neck model, 1945
    Aud $830.00

    Oahu square neck Hawaiian, 1945

    Oahu vintage Hawaiian slide guitar, square neck model, 1945 - possibly a Model 50K Deluxe. Good condition Oahu branded Hawaiian instruments become more desirable with every passing year.

  • Aud $400.00

    Oakridge acoustic-electric resonator

    Don't spend thousands on a vintage Dobro or National when you just need that lonesome twang for a couple of numbers in your set. Grab this cool pro setup reso and save the big bucks for studio time

  • Seagull Artist Studio acoustic-electric
    Aud $1,200.00

    Seagull Artist Studio acoustic-electric

    Top-of-the-range Seagull acoustic-electric, featuring the famous LR Baggs iBeam active pickup & pre-amp system. RRP $3100! Price just slashed by our consignment customer!!!!

  • Epiphone Ltd Edition Masterbilt AJ-500
    Aud $1,500.00

    Epiphone Ltd Edition Masterbilt AJ-500

    Top-of-the-range Epi acoustic! These Masterbilt models have a reputation for being great bluegrass guitars. Bargain priced to sell quickly...

  • Gibson SJ-200 Montana Gold, Flame Maple
    Aud $6,800.00

    Gibson SJ-200 Montana Gold, Flame Maple

    This was just the 88th of these truly stunning guitars from Gibson's famous acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana. Now out of production, prices are rising rapidly. Grab this before they're $10k!

  • National ResoPhonic, Model ‘D’ Western
    Aud $3,400.00

    National ResoPhonic, Model ‘D’ Western

    PRICE LOWERED BY OUR CONSIGNMENT CUSTOMER. Comes with one-off, custom designed bluegrass -shirt! (See pic # 4 inside)

Customer Feedback

This is the 6th or 7th guitar I've bought through Just Guitars, and I must say, you never cease to blow me away with your exceptional value and service. My first few purchases were made straight off your website, but this and my last buy were ones you got in specially for me. Both of these were thousands of dollars less than anything else available in Australia, and both are just in amazing condition. Your man in New York definitely sold himself short on the SG Custom - but hey, you saved me at least $6000, so you know I'll be back for more! Thanks Kim.
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