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Buegeleisen & Jacobson ‘Serenader’ parlor guitar, 1942

Price: AUD $925.00
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This 72 year old parlor guitar is an all round winner, any way you look at it. Built by Harmony, with their great reputation for top quality materials and construction, the guitar features solid Birch construction, for incomparably sparkling vintage tone, plus one of the most striking examples of art deco design we’ve ever seen on a guitar. Playability is excellent and the guitar needs no repair or maintenance work whatsoever.


Buegeleisen & Jacobson

Hand built at the Harmony plant in Chicago in the second half of 1942, for New York music distributors Buegeleisen & Jacobson, our Serenader here is a glorious example of the parlor guitars, which were hugely popular from the late 1800s through into the 1950s, when electric instruments began overtaking acoustics.


Birch grain

As well as the body and matching headstock artwork, the black and silver fretboard completes what amounts to an incredibly attractive piece of design work- although the sheer beauty of the Birch gives the art a serious run for its money! (See a closeup of the Birch grain in pic # 3)



A one-owner instrument from Palmdale, outside Los Angeles, the Serenader has seen exceptionally little use in its lifetime – some of the frets still show traces of the silver fretboard paint! It’s quite likely the guitar was bought for someone to learn on, then put into storage for the next seventy years.


Sparkling and clear

Playability is excellent, with quite low action, the V-profile neck further contributing towards making playing a complete breeze. The tone of the beautifully aged Birch is sparkling and clear, with great string definition and surprisingly big projection.


All original

All original, including the Kluson tuners, (some very slight deterioration of the celluloid buttons), the Serenader even comes with its original drawstring cloth “case” with leather handle. And, as with all Just Guitars instruments, includes FREE COURIER DELIVERY to any address in Australia. ($100 shipping to New Zealand, $175 to the US, Canada, UK and mainstream European countries)



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Beautiful art deco design!

Price: AUD $925.00
GST Included