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Harmony Archtone archtop, 1964

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Part of Harmony's prestigious 'Auditorium Series', the 'Archtone' is the rarely seen sibling of the Broadway and the similar Hollywood electric model. Featuring all solid Birch construction, this is a beautiful archtop - from the golden days of American guitar building - that really sings! 


A part of guitar history

Renowned guitar expert & author, Zachary R Fjestad, has stated that the Archtone series is "very much a part of guitar history," and that they were one of the most popular models ever produced by Harmony. This is a shining example of the very best workmanship from what has come to be known as the golden age of American guitar making. 


Blonde Ivory / "faux flame"

From the second last year of production, the Archtone was also offered in Sunburst and "Shaded Brown" finishes in the Harmony catalog, but it's the "Blonde Ivory" faux flame version, (model # H1214), that we have here – and which commands significantly higher prices. The enamel finish is in mostly excellent condition, with barely a mark or ding to be seen. There's two small areas of touchup paint near the bass side of the bridge and the corresponding f-hole, but otherwise the condition is superb throughout. 


Solid Birch body

Straight out of the workshop from one of our top US suppliers, this magnificent Archtone is 100% ready to go, with a full pro setup, perfect medium-low action, (with room to move either way at the adjustable bridge), and its fully arched, solid Birch body produces a tone that is an absolute delight – as bright and lively as many Gibson models that sell for thousands of dollars more, and with around 15 seconds of lovely, natural sustain. 


"Grained to resemble Rosewood"

Despite appearances, the board is Maple, tinted, and as described in the catalogue, "grained to resemble Rosewood", though our example here is slightly darker, perhaps more approximating a light Ebony. The advantage of the Maple board can definitely heard in the guitar's fine upper registers. As far as we can ascertain, the only non-original part is the elevated pickguard, a reproduction of a classic Harmony design. As shown in pic # 7, two black stripes, joining the front and rear painted binding at the base of the neck, have been an added cosmetic touch at some point in the guitar's history. The neck itself is slim for the time, only slightly meatier in the hand than today's standard 'C' profile. 


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This brilliant Harmony Archtone SHIPS FREE to any address in Australia, and will arrive in a premium quality, fully padded, tweed gig bag 


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Harmony Archtone vintage archtop acoustic guitar, 1964. Made in USA

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Price: AUD $1,075.00
GST Included